What Did Alex Jones Do? Infowars Host Have to Pay $4 Million

Alex Jones has to pay $4.1 million in harm to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of a 6-year-old who died in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, in which gunman Adam Lanza assassinated 28 people. Largely of the casualties were kids.

Over the years, Jones has earned status and prestige as a crime theorist, contemplating many shootings in large numbers of people as staged government frauds.

Accordingly, Jones said that the government’s idea to produce these complicated frauds was to make the American public simpler to control. A Connecticut justice has judged against him in a similar case brought by other victims’ families and an FBI agent who helped on the case.

The Texas tribute could set a tag for other trials against Alex Jones and brings out the financial warning he is dealing with also.


Victim’s parents testified

The parents testified Tuesday about how they have tolerated a decade of trauma, caused first by the killing of their son followed by gunshots flared at their home, online and phone threats, and harassment also on the street by outsiders.

Jones, who has depicted the case as an attack on his First Amendment rights, acknowledged during the session that the assault was “100% real” and that he was wrong to have told an untruth about it. But Heslin and Lewis told judges that an apology wouldn’t serve and called on them to make Jones pay for the years of misery he has put them and other Sandy Hook families through.


At one step in her statement, Lewis peeked directly at Jones, who was sitting almost 10 feet away. “It looks like so tremendous to me that we have to do this we have to inquire you, to penalize you to get you to stop lying,” Lewis told Jones.

Jones was the bare testifier to prove in his defence. And he came under weakening attack from the plaintiff’s lawyers under cross-questioning, as they surveyed Jones’ video claims about Sandy Hook over the years, and prosecuted him with telling an untruth and striving to hide proof, comprising messages and emails about the killing.

It also involved internal emails sent by an Infowars company worker that said “this Sandy Hook stuff is killing us.”

Alex Jones

At one point, Alex Jones was told that his lawyers had wrongly sent Mark Bankston, who is representing Heslin and Lewis, the last two year’s worth of texts from Jones’s cellphone.


Bankston announced in court Thursday that the U.S. House Jan. 6 committee interrogating the 2021 attack on the U.S. Statehouse has petitioned the records and that he plans to accept.

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Jones Denial the allegations charged upon Alex Jones

And soon after Jones proclaimed “I don’t use email,” Jones was shown one that arrived from his address, and another one from his Infowars company business officer confiding Alex Jones that the company had achieved $800,000 gross in selling its products in a single day, which would amount to nearly $300 million in a year.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones has the second company other than Infowars to file for bankruptcy during the two-week trial.

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