What Did Britney Spears’ Ex Kevin Federline Say? He Was SLAMMED as He Supported Jamie Spears

Britney Spears’ family feud has no end! Now her ex-husband Kevin Federline is in headlines for his no-filter interview with the Daily Mail.

He had talked about absolutely everything from the mother-sons relationship, Britney’s conservatorship, his life with Britney, to his parenting challenges. Some or rather most of his comments have “hurt” Britney and he is receiving a lot of backlash from Britney’s supporters and she, herself.


What did Kevin say in the interview

In the recent TV interview which will be aired completely in the coming weeks, Kevin openly talked for the first time about “his ongoing battle to keep the chaos that surrounds his former wife as far removed from his sons as possible”. Apparently Britney hasn’t met her sons since a few months and according to Kevin it’s decided by the boys themselves.

Kevin Federline
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Boys don’t want to meet their mother

“The boys have decided they are not seeing her right now.” Kevin reveals. ”It’s been a few months since they’ve seen her. They made the decision not to go to her wedding.”

Britney Spears
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Discomfort on Britney’s Instagram posts

He also revealed that the boys find it tough and discomforting when their mother posts almost nude photos of herself on social media. Kevin insisted that the boys love their mother but that doesn’t take away from the fact of what it does to them.” I try to explain to them, ‘Look, maybe that’s just another way she tries to express herself.’ It’s tough.” He said,”I can’t imagine how it feels to be a teenager having to go to high school.”


Praised Britney’s parents

He also said that he shares an amicable relationship with Britney‘s parents and supported Jamie Spears, the father of Britney. Not only this, he went on to praise the Spears. He believes that the controversial 13-year conservatorship ‘saved’ her.

Jamie Spears
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Britney’s response

In an emotional clapback, Britney said on Instagram on August 6, “It saddens me to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children. It concerns me the fact that the reason is based on my Instagram, it was LONG before Instagram. I gave them everything. Only one word,HURTFUL.”

Britney also said that her mother, Lynne Spears who was heavily praised by Kevin played a part in Kevin having the primary custody of her sons in the first place. “I’ll say it. My mother told me, ‘You should GIVE them to their dad.’ Britney wrote.”

Britney Spears
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“During my conservatorship, I was controlled and monitored for nearly 15 years. I needed permission just to take Tylenol! I should embark on doing WAAAY more than going topless on the beach like a baby! I’m not surprised that just as my family did their share of interviews, [the Federlines] will too. I’m not surprised at all with their behavior and their approach to what I’ve had to deal with.”

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Britney’s Husband Sam’s response

Her husband, Sam Asghari also slammed Federline saying, “Other artists have made much worse when their children were extremely young ! It is irresponsible to make these statement publicly. The boys are very smart and will be 18 soon to make their own decisions and may eventually realize the ‘tough’ part was having a father who hasn’t worked much in over 15 years as a role model.”

Sam Asghari
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Asghari further continued that Federline’s support of Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, was “revealing” of his character. “Things that are now considered Normal issues and behavior easily dealt with therapy or other ways were magnified to justify a 13 year prison sentence. Anyone approving of it is wrong to benefit from it somehow.”

Britney Spears

Britney and Kevin’s Relationship Timeline

The former couple tied the knot in 2004 and share sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Things started spiralling downwards when they filed for a divorce in 2007 citing irreconcilable differences. They had a long custodial battle of their sons but finally Kevin was awarded the primary custody. The pair were not on talking terms for a long while. But they apparently worked out their differences and became supportive co-parents.

Kevin Federline
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They also hung out together and attended their sons’ events together. When Britney decided to take her conservatorship to court, he also supported her. Things took a turn for the worse once again in February 2018, when Federline requested an increase in child support payments. According to Britney’s lawyers, Kevin didn’t have a permanent job and he was sponging off Britney.


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