What Did Former TMZ producer Morgan Tremaine Say in Johnny Depp Case?

Morgan Tremaine, a former reporter for TMZ who testified on May 25 on the current defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, took the stand during the proceedings. To speak about how the outlet came to possess a sensitive “kitchen cabinet” film. Depp’s lawyers contacted him and asked him to testify. Tremaine showed up in court, but only after a judge in Virginia denied an emergency petition by TMZ to interfere in the proceeding. According to SportsKeeda‘s claim, the former field Assignment Manager at TMZ was there when the website obtained a video showing Depp shouting at Heard in a kitchen. Slamming cabinet doors, and throwing a wine bottle at the victim.

On Wednesday afternoon, the judge presiding over the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial ruled that TMZ could not prevent one of its former journalists from testifying. The ruling was a victory for Johnny Depp’s legal team. The case involves Johnny Depp’s alleged affair with Heard.

Morgan Tremaine
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What happened in the courtroom

Morgan Tremaine testified later that the celebrity news outlet had had inside information about Heard’s whereabouts which enabled it to publish exclusive photos and videos of her during the early stages of her contentious divorce from Depp. These photos and videos were published due to the celebrity-news publication receiving information about her whereabouts.

An attorney named Charles Tobin, who represented the parent business of TMZ, EHM Productions, attempted to prevent Tremaine from testifying. He informed the judge presiding over Depp’s trial against Heard, Penney Azcarate. That he believed Tremaine would testify regarding the source of a video uploaded on August 12, 2016. It showed Depp ranting at Heard and breaking cupboards. Heard is the defendant in the case.

Tobin suggested that Azcarate overturn a subpoena issued on Tuesday and would require Tremaine to provide testimony on the matter. He said that the magazine TMZ assured the person who supplied them the footage that their name would stay secret and that the publication had not relinquished that secrecy.

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What did Morgan Tremaine say?


In the Tuesday-night filing reviewed by Insider, Tobin wrote that TMZ makes such promises of confidentiality. From time to time, it may publish information in the public interest. It relies on the right of journalists to protect confidential sources’ identities from doing this. From time to time, TMZ makes such confidentiality promises to publish information that is in the public interest.”

According to Tobin, Tremaine was not involved in getting the film. And he does not know who the confidential source is who gave it to him. Tobin stated that any assertions made by Tremaine “would be based on hearsay and supposition. In addition, according to Tobin, allowing Tremaine to testify would put in danger any reporters who are concerned with maintaining the confidentiality of their sources.


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