What Did Kevin Federline Say as His Feud With Britney Spears Re-Ignites?

As Kevin Federline and Britney were taking a divorce, they also interestingly went through a romance stage. That fling resulted in the birth of two baby boys! Swipe up to know more.


Is there a clash between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline?

In a now deleted Instagram caption Britney wrote that Kevin didn’t meet her. She even flew all the way to meet him while she was pregnant.

She said that her ex husband didn’t meet her when she flew to New York with a baby inside her. Other than that, she also went to Las Vegas after him when he had a shoot there. Britney mentioned that she also got a text that said, as quoted “If you don’t divorce Kevin he will publicly do it to you”. Although, this Instagram post has been deleted, but fans already got a screenshot of it.

Co-parenting is no easy task, but there are other celebrities who definitely pull it off. It doesn’t appear to exist for Britney and Kevin yet.

Britney and Kevin had an infamous custody battle over their two children. After Britney experienced a mental health crisis and breakdown in 2008, Kevin was given sole custody of her boys. She was forced to pay $20,000 in child support each month to cover tuition, insurance, and other expenses. Kevin was criticized by Britney’s fanbase for this sole reason.

Britney’s children don’t want to see her -Kevin

Kevin, who has been married to Victoria Prince since 2013, recently claimed in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail that his two sons with Britney, Sean and Jaden, didn’t want to see her. The reason the kids didn’t attend her wedding.

He also insisted that he had to explain how Britney posted semi-nude photos of herself to the boys. Other than that he stated, “but that doesn’t change the fact of what it does to them. That’s hard. I can’t imagine what it would be like to go to high school as a teenager.”

Kevin Federline

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What all the current husband has to say?

Britney’s new husband Sam Asghari also posted a story in support of his wife. Asghari said the boys are still young and by the age of 18 they will be able to make their own decisions.. He also told them to start making their own decisions, and they may eventually find that their father, who hasn’t done much of a work in over 15 years, is the ‘difficult’ part.

Britney Spears’ tumultuous life is no secret. Her struggles in court with her father, James Spears, have been well documented as she fought her legal battle to end her conservatorship of nearly 13 years.

Federline explained that Britney’s father “saved her life” through the conservatorship, and Federline would welcome James back to life for himself and the boys. Without going into details, Federline said he saw something that made him (and possibly the boys) uncomfortable when the boys visited her mother at the conservatorship.

Overall Federline said, “Sean and Jaden have made a decision, and that decision will stand for the time being.” The same position also seemed too overwhelming for them.

Kevin Federline
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The relationship between Jamie and Britney’s ex-husband and the boys has been tumultuous in recent years. In 2019, following an alleged physical altercation between Jamie and Sean, Kevin filed a police report and obtained a restraining order against his ex-father-in-law. There is insufficient evidence that he committed the crime.

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