What Did Lisa Gilroy Say in Viral Video? Comedian’s Emotional Post with Twist Goes Viral

Recently, a comedian by going by the name Lisa Gilroy went viral on social media as she recounted her bad experience with fans. Lisa Gilroy took to Twitter and posted a video with a caption, “To my followers: do better”. The video has since garnered a lot of attention with around 17 million people watching it.


Lisa Gilroy’ tweet explained

Lisa Gilroy uploaded her emotional video on October 18, Tuesday on Twitter. In that video, Lisa Gilroy said that she hosted a competition on Instagram. The five lucky winners will get a chance to visit her set and spend a day there.

“It should have been a fun time for all of us, but I think sometimes people forget I’m not just a personality or an ‘influencer’, I’m a real person. So I made the mistake of assuming that these people were going to treat me with respect, the studio with respect, the staff there with respect. I was so wrong”, the 31-year-old said.


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The video takes an unexpected turn

After saying all that, she made a swift turn and converted her experience into a funny one when she started listing out the events inspired by “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” book. The incidents that she pointed out were similar to the characters in Willy Wonka. Some of these characters were Augustus Gloop, Charlie Bucket, Violet Beauregarde, Veronica Salt, and Mike Teevee.

The events that she recounted were all quite hilarious. “One person drank from the chocolate river”, which was out of bounds for the normal people. “Another one brought their grandpa”, a girl “turned into a blueberry”, the fourth fan “completely destroyed her squirrel room”, and the fifth one “shrank himself down TV size”.

Lisa Gilroy
Lisa Gilroy (Credit: Getty Images)

“And this is all stuff that, by the way, I have to remedy, and my staff has to take time out of their day to remedy. That means spending days juicing that girl and stretching the TV-sized guy to make him t he right height again, something that just can’t be done”, the Canadian noted.


“He’s so tall and skinny and he doesn’t look right and he doesn’t look normal and I know his family is devastated by that. I’ve also discovered that my guests shared my innermost secrets with a guy in a tunnel”, she said tearfully.

Lisa Gilroy then concluded her video by saying that she would never host any competition in the near future because “people suck”.

Her video goes viral

Many celebrities and fans watched this video and shared their two cents about the situation. One of them was Jenna Fischer who wrote, “This is amazing”, to which Lisa replied, “Thanks Jenna I can’t fathom how many times this has happened to you as well”.


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