What Happened Between Ethan Klein and Ben Shapiro as YouTube Bans H3H3 Channel?

A YouTube entertainer and podcaster Ethan Klein recently got suspended from YouTube for a week. This was due to his podcast which was posted on October 18 on Apple podcast and later on YouTube. He apparently made a cruel Holocaust joke which resulted in him getting suspended.


Why did YouTube suspend Ethan Klein?

Klein is a popular Jewish YouTuber who has a channel named h3h3 Productions with more than 6 million subscribers. In a podcast that was uploaded on October 18, he was talking about Ben Shapiro’s reaction to Kanye West’s controversial comment.

Shapiro commented on Twitter on October 12 about his feelings regarding Kanye West comment. “his “death con 3″ posts and Black Hebrew Israelite language are clearly anti-Semitic and disturbing”, the comment said.

Reacting to this, Klein said, “if there’s another Holocaust and people start rounding up the Jews again, I hope Ben gets gassed first. Or last”. “I’m getting gassed, too. Do you think it would be more justice if he got first or last?”, the YouTuber said in his podcast.

This clip started circulating around in various social media platforms and many fans criticized his comments. Referring to the video, Shapiro commented on Twitter, “If there were another Holocaust, I would hope that Ethan and his family escaped. But maybe that’s just me.”

After which Klein replied, “Sure, in poor taste, but not as poor taste as you platforming antisemites who spread dangerous conspiracies that leads to REAL violence against Jews.”


After a while, YouTube had to take action and ban him for a week.

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Klein’s reaction

The YouTuber didn’t take this suspension well and chose to lash out on Twitter. “A few white supremacists successfully lobbied YouTube to suspend me, a Jewish dual citizen of Israel & USA, for anti-semitism”, he wrote.

“Ben Shapiro & friends can virtue signal all they want but ultimately they are the ones platforming dangerous anti-semites. All I did was point it out”, he further added.

Ben Shapiro’s reply

After reading this, Shapiro had a reply ready and said that Klein’s suspension was not a good thing to happen. However, he said that he won’t be sad about him.

“I don’t believe that Ethan Klein should be suspended from YouTube for his awful garbage. But I’ll shed no tears for a person who has routinely engaged in cancellation of others. World’s smallest violin”, the caption read.

Ethan Klein’s public apology

After some days, Klein realized his mistake and the way it affected his fans. So, on October 21, he took to Twitter to publicly apologize to his fans. However, he still didn’t apologize to Ben Shapiro and said he didn’t care about him.

“I do want to apologize to our fans. I hate that well miss a week of the show because of another stupid joke. Obv Ben Shapiro & friends can go f*ck themselves but Im very sorry to everyone who relies on the podcast to get them through the week. Ill do better for you guys I promise”, the caption read.

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