What Happened to Michael Pitt? Boardwalk Empire Star Hospitalized After Public Out burst

Michael Pitt after Public Outburst in NewYork is under police custody and hospitalized and fans are wondering what has happened. After the Public Outburst in New York, the situation got worse. Let us take a look at this article so to examine the whole story.


Who is Michael Pitt?

For those of you that don’t know who Michael Pitt is, he is an American actor, model and musician. Known for playing roles in films such as Murder by Numbers, The Dreamers, Funny Games etc.

Michael Pitt was born in West Orange, New Jersey. He is of Italian and Irish heritage on his mother’s side and English descent on his father’s side.

His first breakout role was in 2001 as Tommy Gnosis in the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and with this, he continued doing films such as Murder by Numbers, Funny Games, The Dreamers etc.

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What happened to Boardwalk Empire Star Michael Pitt?

After a Public Outburst in New York, Michael was taken into Police Custody last Friday and has also been hospitalized after the violent public outburst stormed in NYC.

According to a video released on social media showcased the actor buckled to a gurney down a sidewalk in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as they waited for the ambulance.

It looked like Michael Pitt is not in a good condition as he sat quietly on the stretcher.

According to a source, one unidentified person called 911 and claimed that a male was throwing objects at people, he also stated that the male was the actor Michael, therefore, police came into the situation and took Michael into custody.

And since then he has been under police custody but so far into the hospital due to the medical emergencies which the actor faced.

Michael Pitt
Michael Pitt (Credit: Getty Images)

Michael Pitt Hospitalized after Public OutBurst?

With the public outburst that started in New York in which the role of the actor Michael was big.

As stated by an unidentified person after calling 911, a 41-year-old man was throwing objects at people in NYC, the police thus came into the scene and stated that the 41-year-old was the actor Michael Pitt who was not in his sense at that point.


The actor taken into custody by the police was also hospitalized after some injuries were there on his body.

But so far, the actor is under police custody and hospitalized.

Michael Pitt’s previous clashes

This is not the first time, Pitt had done something criminal with law enforcement. The actor arrested in July for assault snatched a man’s phone out of his hand and also pushed him in the head. That man also suffered minor injuries.


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