What is Billie Eilish Screen Glitch Filter on TikTok and How to Get It?

TikTok is always filled with humorous elements. TikTok users always love using filters on the app and just like the rest of the days this time the same thing has come to this, a new viral TikTok of Billie Eilish Screen Glitch Filter. Let us explore this article to get some insights.


What is the viral Billie Eilish filter on TikTok?

TikTok includes numerous humorous filters and fans also love trying out some new and amazing new ones. There are new trends and challenges constantly going viral and the filter race among them is the first one to get fans’ attention.

While some filters in TikTok have been created by itself, there are also plenty of them that have been uploaded by other creators which gives rise to numerous and different popular trends over the platform.

And one among them is the latest filter which is right now doing the rounds inspired by the video of Billie Ellish’s concert which has so far blasted the internet and is also hugely viral on the social media platform.


While performing her hit song ‘When the party’s over’, the filter used that viral component in the video which is making rounds on the app.

The filter pops up behind the singer for a second when she performs her hit song, leading to Billie turning and saying “What the f**k?”

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Who created this viral filter?

Well, since this viral filter is creating rounds on the platform, many people are assuming who is basically the creator behind this funny mastermind.

This filter where the singer sits on her chair singing the tune when the massive screen behind her suddenly changes to a different visual of a car for a spilt second.

Well, TikToker user Julia Roger whose user name is filtersbyjulia is basically the creator of this filter, she then went on and turn this viral moment into a filter that allows users to put their own video on the big screen behind Billie.

People are so far gaining millions of views using this filter and are also liking the filter with the kind of humorous intent the filter includes.


How to get this viral Billie Eilish filter on TikTok?

Well, if you want to try the new viral Billie Eilish TikTok on yourself, then you can only be able to access it from the TikTok app. Therefore, to do that you need to follow some simple steps:

  1. Open TikTok
  2. Click on the plus button to open the camera
  3. In the Bottom left, click ‘Effects’
  4. Tap on the magnifying glass icon and search ‘Billie’s concert by julia’
  5. Click on the record button next to the filter of the same name
  6. Press the pink circle button to start recording
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Therefore, you would be able to access the filter and now you can create humorous, funny videos.

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