What is ‘DTN’ and ‘DTN4L’ on TikTok? Meaning of This New Trend Explained

TikTok is a platform where anything and everything can get viral and trending within a span of seconds. Song, Dance, Lip Sync videos, challenges or even hashtags and slangs. The latest hashtags that have been causing a buzz on Tiktok are DTN and DTN4L.


What does DTN and DTN4L stand for?

DTN stands for “Don’t Trust No-one”, or “Don’t Trust Niggas”. Meanwhile DTN4L stands for “Don’t Trust No-one for life.”

Social media platforms have their own vocabulary and language. Over the years we have seen slangs from BRB, TTYL, ROFL to PFP, IB, GYAT, TBH and what not. And if we SMH (Somehow) can’t keep up with these ever-changing slangs, it is going to be a major FOMO! (Fear Of Missing Things).

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The meaning of DTN and DTN4L

If you have followed the infamous DTA phase of Stone Cold Steve Austin or the song of Jaden Hassler, you must be familiar with DTA which stands for Don’t Trust anyone.The meaning of these acronyms is simple: trust no one but yourself. Blind trust on someone whether in personal or professional lives can lead to deceits or frauds.


This piece of advice is suitable on so many matters of life. Thinking of partnering for business with someone? Maybe don’t take everything that they say at face value and ask for evidence for all of the claims. Get an anonymous phone call from a so-called Bank representative? DTN and don’t share your important back details to make sure your bank account is safe.

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Trending on Social Media and TikTok

However on Tiktok, People are using these hashtags to narrate their life stories. They have been sharing how someone mistreated them whom they once trusted and cared about. The users are posting their experiences of heartbreak, betrayals, or stories of going through a rough breakup.

At the same time, some people have been using this slang in their captions to talk about how one should believe in oneself. They are warning other people through their experiences about not trusting anyone blindly while dating, doing business or anything.One such user wrote, “Niggas be in your DM today, and holding his new born in hospital tomorrow.”


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As these hashtags have gotten immensely popular, now they are being used in almost all the videos being posted on TikTok. In fact, people are sharing their DTN and DTN4L playlists with other users. Hashtags that initially got viral on Tiktok have now reached Snapchat and Instagram also. There are around 56.8K posts on Instagram using the DTN hashtag. Thousands of posts are being made using DTN4L, DTN4LIFE, and hashtags.


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