What is F74 Trend on TikTok and How to Do It?

Recently, a new TikTok trend went viral on the video-sharing platform. Apparently, this trend is called F74 or floor 74 which supposedly transports you into a parallel universe.


What is the trend all about?

A new trend or sometimes an old trend with a different twist always keeps on making the rounds on TikTok. Some trends seem cute and harmless while some are downright bizarre.

One such trend is the F74 or floor 74 trend which is an extremely creepy but intriguing one. Despite this being an old trend, it was never popular until now. Apparently, this is a Japanese trend that supposedly transports you into a different dimension while you are sleeping.

The users also claim that failing to complete this challenge within 10 hours will lead to your death or being forever trapped in that dimension. The fans of horror are falling in love with this trend and jumping into the bandwagon of making videos.


It’s probably fake lmao- BUT I WANT IT TO BE REAL I WANNA HAVE FUN IN MY DREAMS 😭 #fyp

#foryou #F74 #floor74 ♬ Daisy daisy give me your answer do – RabekkiJeanate

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How to do the F74 challenge?

To start this challenge, all users have to do is writing F74 on their wrist with red marker or pen. They then have to sleep for a while. After some time, the user apparently starts having a dream about waking up in a dark hallway which has multiple doors.

After entering the said hallway, the user has to continue walking even after hearing various creepy and weird voices. Apart from that, they are also not allowed to turn back. Out of all the doors, the user will need to enter a door which has F74 written on it.


Guess well have to wait until tomorrow🤷🏽‍♀️ #fyp #f74 #floor74challenge #like #viralvideo

♬ original sound – bonnies wife

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However, if the user fails to find that door within 10 hours, they are transported back into a white room. Apparently, the user will be forever trapped in that room and never wake up from their sleep.

But, if they manage to enter the gate in the given amount of time, they will wake up from the nightmare in the same state with no harm done to them.


Is this real ?

Some people are confidently saying that this challenge is completely fake and that it is just another trend to get attention. However, others claim that they couldn’t wake up from sleep after the dream finished and it took them a huge amount of time to wake up.

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Also, a lot of people tried this challenge and claimed that nothing happened to them. That they had a peaceful sleep and woke up quite fresh and energized.


So, the answer is no. This is not real and the challenge is completely harmless.

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