What is Mastodon? Social Media Gets 200k Users In A Day #RIPTwitter Trend

Mastodon is a social networking platform. The platform has surpassed over 200,000 users in a single day as #RIPTwitter has been a popular topic on the platform, raising doubts about Twitter’s future.

After Elon Musk took control of Twitter on October 27, users started looking for a different social networking site to keep in touch with their pals in case something horrible happens.


What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is one of those social networking platforms that gained a lot of followers after Elon Musk took over Twitter as users are shifting to other platforms. Mastodon was established on 16th March in the year 2016. It was launched in October 2016 by Eugen Rochko.

Mastodon is an open-source, federated social networking service. It consists of a number of independently operated instances, federated together. Users can communicate with each other across the service.

As dozens of employees purportedly left Twitter on November 17, the hashtag #RIPTwitter started to gain popularity, and Mastodon saw a sharp rise in users.


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Why are Twitter employees quitting their jobs?

Elon Musk gave employees until November 17 to decide whether to go “hardcore” while constructing what he says would be “Twitter 2.0.” It was later discovered that almost 75% of the surviving staff declined, choosing to accept a month’s worth of salary.

This created a tense atmosphere on the platform and prompted users to promote their alternative platforms in anticipation of Twitter’s potential collapse.

Mastodon to gain more users in the future?

Mastodon had gained 213,956 new users the day before, increasing its seven-day total of users to 7,000,000.

Although it’s uncertain if Twitter will vanish anytime soon, it seems users are finding fulfilling communities on Mastodon in the meantime.


Similar to Twitter, Mastodon lets you post up to 500 characters long. The way it functions as a decentralized social network, however, with thousands of different servers operating under their own set of rules, is a significant distinction.

Elon Musk’s changes to Twitter are costing him more users

Elon Musk recently gained control of Twitter and is implementing strange modifications. He started by altering the blue tick system.

In comparison to Twitter, which had 237.8 million monetizable daily active users as of July, Mastodon’s current user base is still modest.

However, the surge in new activity on Mastodon suggests some users are exploring Twitter substitutes as Elon Musk gets ready to make significant platform changes.

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