What is The Kanye West Yeezy Day 2022 Drama All About?

Yeezy Day is finally here for all the sneaker lovers with that is a new drama by Kanye West. What exactly is this drama all about?

Kanye West has gained popularity along with the German sports brand Adidas in their partnership. But it seems like there is some issue between Kanye West and the brand over their hyped-up Yeezy Day 2022 drama. If you have no idea about it, here is the complete story.


What is the significance of Yeezy Day?

Every year, for a two-day period known as “Yeezy Day,” the German sportswear giant reissues a number of well-known models from Kanye West’s Yeezy brand.

This happens on their official site CONFIRMED and Yeezy Supply also includes new GRs with the collection.
Since the brand brings up only a limited collection on each Yeezy day there is a huge spike in sales. The app CONFIRMED by Adidas’s competition against Nike’s SNKRS app is exposed at a new level.

 Yeezy Day
(Credit: @toejam1027 / Twitter)

What happened on Yeezy Day 2022?

This year Yeezy day was lined up on 1st and 2nd August. Each year the brand introduces colorways and names their shoes.

This year the Yeezy release began at 10 a.m ET and they brought up Utility Black Yeezy 450.
The only issue this year without his consent, the brand turned Yeezy Day into an annual celebration.

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What is the drama all about?

After the act by the brand, Kanye West took Instagram to express his disbelief. He wrote a long Dm and complain about how the brand without his consent released many things into the market including the significant Day release.

Yeezy Day

Kanye also shared how he is having some other problems with the brand.

This Yeezy Day 2022, the Adidas brand observe the occasion for the third time in a row. The DM, however, made it obvious that Kanye was not present for the festivities.

What did Kanye West Wrote?

Simply not satisfied with the Adidas brand’s decision regarding the colorways and their names and the team working on it, Kanye wrote “(Adidas) named them and picked the colors without my consent. Additionally, they employed individuals that worked for me without my consent.”


He accused the brand of stealing his ideas in their original project.

Partnership with Balenciaga and Gap

Along this issue, Kanye talked about his ongoing partnership with Balenciaga and Gap which is going smoothly.
He claimed that the creation of casual sneakers for the Gap that he and Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, collaborated on was slowed down by the three-stripe label.


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