What is The Meaning of Joker Tattoo on TikTok? Emotional Background Touches Users

Tattoos always have a story behind them. This time, Joker tattoo has been trending on TikTok and has left fans curious about the meaning behind it.

Not too long ago, a Medusa tattoo inspired by Greek mythology also grabbed a lot of eyeballs. Hence, one creator came to the rescue and told the people about Joker’s true essence.


What Is The Meaning Of The Joker Tattoo?

A hashtag such as What does the Joker tattoo mean has amassed millions of views on TikTok. A TikTok user @short-mort came with an explanation that is going viral. He posted a video spanning several seconds answering the question.

“The joker tattoo means a lack of love, an abandonment/neglect withdrawn into oneself.”

These emotions can be felt in any kind of relationship- friends, family, and lovers. This video is going viral these days as it holds a deep emotional meaning to it.

There is always a reason why someone gets something inked on their body. Also, it can never be meaningless and random. So, if someone has that tattooed on their body as canvas, they have a back story to it.


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Who Is The Joker From The Tattoo?

We all know this Joker. He is Batman’s arch-nemesis and the supervillain from DC’s Batman series. Joker’s character was a creation of Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson.

In the original series, actor Barry Keoghan portrays the antagonist. His character suffered a lot at the hands of childhood trauma. He was the victim of physical abuse by his own father. Having no one to turn to, at such times made him feel neglected.

Joker’s attributes comprise being a criminal, a psychopath, and a maniac with a sadistic sense of humor. So, his character and features are complex and convoluted just like his appearance.


Joker tattoo toooo 🔥 let’s blow this one up 😈💧

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Emotional Reaction From Users

This emotional background story elicited a moving response from the TikTok viewers. Moreover, the video has received millions of views from people.


Joker tattoo acted as floodgates for many users to share their personal experiences. One person wrote who is not on good terms with his family wrote-


Reply to @vee.emgee joker vibes. New tattoos whos this #joker

♬ original sound – hi

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“getting it when I’m older it’s a bit better now but I can tell I’m the hated child I ask for something don’t get it my brothers ask for the same thing.”

The Joker has a plethora of other meanings. However, they all fall into the darker side of life. It also signifies patience and perseverance.


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