What is The Meaning of ‘Red Media’ as Kanye West aka Ye Shows A Chart?

Kanye West gave an interview recently in which he discussed antisemitism, media ownership in the US, his position and reputation as a public figure and more. The video of the interview was on YouTube on 31’st October 2022

In the interview, Kanye West opens a chart on his phone and showed it to the media. While presenting the chart he referred to the chart as “red media”. The chart that Kanye West showed was from the year 2013. The chart features the names within the companies who are running down the top (CEO, Owner, founder, president) and the names of digital media companies in the left side (Warner Brothers, USA Today, Facebook)

The cell color is described by different colors like red, green, and black. The image claims that all the names in red highlighted cells are Jewish, but it is not clear from the chart whether those names under red highlights are actually Jewish by culture or just practicing Jews.


What was the meaning behind the comment “Red Media”?

Kanye West referred to the chart as ” red media ” as the majority of the cells in the chart are in red color. Overall the charts show that most of the presidents, chief executive officers, owners, founders, vice presidents and chairs of major US media corporations are either Jew or of Jewish ancestry. Although, no information on other religious beliefs is included in the chart. It also leaves out a number of media houses.

Kanye West
Kanye West (Credit: Getty Images)

The title of the chart ( who controls your mind ? ) makes use of the ” global conspiracy ” cliché, it is described in the Louis d Brandeis center’s fact sheet on the elements of antisemitic discourse. The idea that Jews “create a strong, covert, global cabal that manipulates governmental institutions, banks, the media, and other institutions for evil goals, eroding decent values” is false.

According to British lawyer and professor Anthony Julius, the assertion that Jews want to control the news or entertainment media is an “antisemitic canard”—a “misrepresentation” or “fiction  meant to confuse the public.”


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Criticisms Kanye West got when he represented the chart and addressed it as “Red Media”

On the chart, many downgraded votes was there from several places Its main arguments are that the chart is flawed and has much inaccurate information.
Additionally, it raises the controversial topic that whether Jews control the media.


This is due to the fact that it is predicated on the assumption that a company’s owners should be Jewish or not.

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