What Is The Meaning of “tortious act” as Kurt Busch’s Wife Filed for Divorce

Kurt Busch issued the following statement: “I am sad to confirm that my wife Ashley and I are attempting to break our marriage. I hope our privacy will be since the divorce process is a very personal and sensitive affair. Kurt Busch is a race car driver with 23XI Racing. He is from Mooresville, North Carolina. According to NASCAR, he has won 34 races throughout his career. Ashley Busch, a native of Virginia who was initially Ashley Van Metre, has been a polo player. In 2017, a worldwide brand ambassador for the United States Polo Association (USPA) was chosen. In the 2019 season of the CMT reality TV program “Racing Wives,” they shared a starring role. Ashley Van Metre filed for divorce. And also she has claimed that her husband Kurt Busch committed a “tortious act”. Let us know the meaning of the tortious act.


What Is The Meaning of “tortious act”?

A civil wrong or conduct that causes injury to another person and violates their rights is a tort. A “tortious act” has been there, and the individual who is to have this hurtful behavior might be legally accountable for their actions.


Assault, injury, libel, and trespassing are examples of behaviors that might be torts because they inflict mental or bodily damage to another person.

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Ashley files for a Divorce

This week, Ashley, married the 43-year-old for more than five years. He submitted the necessary paperwork to begin the divorce process. According to court records she filed in Florida on May 9. That TMZ Sports was able to get, she claimed that they had “irretrievably shattered” their marriage.

According to TMZ, Ashley accused Kurt of preventing her from using their joint bank accounts and credit cards a month ago. Also, asking her to vacate the family home by the first week of June. According to the sources, the couple does not have any children and did not sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married.

Kurt Busch and his wife’s relation

The year 2015 marked the beginning of their relationship, which culminated in their wedding the following year. It does not have any children of its own. According to TMZ, Ashley submitted the paperwork for the divorce on May 9 in Florida. According to Ashley’s profile for “Racing Wives,” the pair divided their time between Wellington, Florida, and Mooresville, North Carolina, throughout their marriage. However, she claims that Kurt “did a tortious conduct” and that their marriage is “irretrievably dissolve” in the legal papers. She claims that issues started to arise in the relationship in April and that Kurt blocked her from access to their joint bank accounts and credit cards shortly after.

According to the paperwork, the couple did have a prenuptial agreement. Eva Bryan was Kurt’s former wife. However, the pair were divorced in 2011 and are no longer legally married.

Kurt Busch won the race at Kansas Speedway for the first time on Sunday. This victory also marked the second victory for his new team, 23XI Racing, owned by Denny Hamlin

and NBA legend Michael Jordan.
tortious act
Image: Kurt Busch and Ashley Van Metre(Credit: Brian Dorsey Studios and Getty Images)

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