What is The Meaning of ‘Voir Dire’ as Johnny Depp’s Employee Morgan Night Testifies?

With all the chaos coming in from all over the world. This case which is based on the rift between Hollywood star Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has taken a new turn. As a person named Morgan Night was brought in by Depp’s lawyers in regard to the incident at Hicksville Trailer Palace. There was a term used in the trial ‘Voir Dire’. What the term is, what it means, who is Morgan night, and what turn has the trial taken, will be thoroughly explained further.

The defamation case trial is taking new twists and turns every now and then. Every hearing has something new to offer to the case, as well as to the fans. Though fans and the media stand upright in support of the Hollywood star. Many are there supporting in favor of the Aquaman actress.

On Tuesday, May 24, Johnny Depp’s legitimate group got Morgan Night. As an unexpected new witness to affirm the  Hollywood entertainer and Amber Heard’s contention at the Hicksville Trailer Palace.

The whole incident was witnessed by Night in June 2013. When the couple visited the spot alongside their mutual friends at that point.

Mr. Night then stated “He was kind of cowering and seemed almost afraid. It was really, like, odd to see because he was older than her … I just went back into the house.” This further clarifies that it was not Mr. Depp who was
yelling at his wife. But quite the opposite of what was stated by the Aquaman star and her former long-term friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington.


Who is Morgan Night?

Born on August 15, 1970, Morgan Higby Night is a person with multiple talents he’s an American author, director, producer, and DJ. His works incorporate; the highlight film Matters of Consequence, an Oscar-winning video for The Asylum Street Spankers, Devil’s Night Radio, and Hicksville Trailer Palace.

He is the dad of Lydia Night of The Regrettes.  As per his testimony, Night met Johnny Depp around the mid-’90s in the Viper Room nightclub. the actor partly owned the club.


Brief about the Testimony of Morgan Night

Hearers were shown how Morgan Night’s tweet from prior in the preliminary, stood up against claims that Depp was acting aggressively by the bonfire at
the Hicksville Trailer Palace in May of 2013.

Night answered, “That Umbrella Guy” who tweeted, “getting the Hicksville occurrence allegations,” on April 21, 2022. “Johnny Depp will be blamed for being desirous in light of the fact that a lady was ‘sitting near’ Amber Heard. However, Depp said she had taken cheerful something. Also, the former is blamed for removing her hand and shouting at Amber.”

To which Night tweeted “That never occurred,”  “I was with them throughout the evening. Amber was the one acting all desirous and insane.”

Voir Dire
Image: Morgan Night, Johnny Depp(Credit: SplashNews.com, REUTERS)

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Questions to Night

Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft inquired as to whether he loved Depp and is his huge fan to which he answered he isn’t such a great fan and moreover will never speak lies to defend him. Furthermore, She also emphasized how he is lying just to be included in the trial. To this, he clarified that Depp’s lawyers connected with him to give a declaration f or the situation.


Also, Judge Penney Azcarate and Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft addressed Morgan Night to decide whether he could present himself ahead as a counter-witness Tuesday evening.

There were questions regarding how Night was reached to give a declaration. As well as how much, if any, of the case has he followed. A “voir dire” was proceeded as Judge Azcarate said ”the court in this specific case has all the
ears the world.”

Night was called by Depp’s group to affirm the Hicksville occurrence; he was working there on the incident night. When inquired as to whether he had watched the preliminary throughout recent weeks. The former employee replied that he watched a bit after he was informed Hicksville was referred to. He likewise answered an irregular tweet referencing the occurrence.

Adding further, Depp’s lawyers contacted Night toward the start of May and advised him not to follow the case. Night expressed he since met with Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez and shared whatever he had remembered from that night. Following a brief break, Night was formally brought in as the following rebuttal witness.

What led to “Voir Dire”?

Night’s relationship with the preliminary as a counter-witness joined with the claims made by Heard’s lawyers about him following favorable to Depp’s Twitter accounts, could have encouraged the Judge to refer to Voir Dire.

What is the meaning of “Voir Dire”?

As per Cornell Law School‘s Legal Information Institute, Voir Dire (and that signifies “to talk reality” in French) means inquiries by the adjudicator or legal advisors to possible hearers or observers to survey their skill to give a decision or declaration. Also, this is a way to make sure that whatever statements are made by a particular person are not influenced and are legitimate.

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