What is The Rainbow Kiss Trend on TikTok? What is The Meaning of it?

A vaguely strange ‘Rainbow Kiss’ has taken over the trending platform TikTok. But why is this trend disturbing for many, and what is its meaning?

TikTok, a well-known video-sharing platform is popular for its insane trends and challenges that blow people’s minds. The recent trend is more explicit. Many individuals have been astonished by this craze which involves something called a ‘rainbow kiss’ Although this trend is way old on the platform some are hearing about it recently. If you are still not able to know what this trend is, here is the explanation.


What exactly is the ‘Rainbow Kiss’?

Rainbow kisses are a particular kind of sex act that includes both, menstrual blood and semen. In this oral exchange of semen and other secretions happens. People who actually perform them usually do so because they have a desire for bodily fluids.

The exact origin of this trend is not specified, in an interview with Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall, Ph.D. in Cosmopolitan, this kind of kiss originated from period sex. It involves oral sex or penetration when the biologically feminine partner is menstruating.


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Why the name Rainbow Kiss?

The act of rainbow kiss means combining different sex actions. It entails both parties having oral sex while the person with the uterus is having their period. After ejaculating into each other’s mouths, the couple kisses, mingling the menstrual blood with the semen to create what some users have referred to as a rainbow.


Rainbow kiss who knew this was a thing 🤮🤮🤮#fyp

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TikTok users are in shock after learning the meaning

This trend on TikTok is not new, the search results are increasing as many people are looking for the meaning. But they regret knowing the meaning. They could have lived without figuring it out.
Some users commented on a video of the rainbow kiss, “I should have never been involved in this business.”

Another one wrote, “Please don’t look for it, I regret doing it.”
They warned the people not to look up the meaning on Google.


yeah whoever decided to invent this, is a whole different level of freak

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Is rainbow kiss safe?

For some people, this act is a means of pleasure but it is necessary to keep note that the exchange of bodily fluids carries hazards.

Many different pathogenic particles, including HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis, can be carried in period blood and semen. “If a person is not sure about their partner’s STD status they should not perform rainbow kiss” ob-gyn Heather Irobunda, MD.


I can’t trust these trends so easily.. #fyp

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Many doctors have encouraged people not to perform this sexual act. Experts said that if people want to do it, they need to indulge in the safest way by regular STI testing. Also, they suggested performing it with a partner who you trust takes all the necessary precautions.


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