What is TikTok’s viral T27 Christmas Tree? Where to find it?

Recently T27 Christmas tree is famously getting viral on the TikTok app and users are becoming obsessed with the tree. Let us explore this article so to get some greater updates.


A Christmas tree T27 viral on TikTok?

TikTok is always famous for some new dance forms, trendy song bits, recipes etc the trend you name is very much visible on the app. However, they are not the only trends going hugely viral on the app.

Many TikTokers have over the years talked about their famous products and recommended even some of them to their audiences, and this has ranged from pants to make-up products and even to kitchen utensils.

Recently a Viral Christmas tree is getting hugely popular on the short video platform, the Christmas tree stands with the name T27 which has made users obsessed with the tree.

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What is the T27 Christmas tree?

Well, you might be thinking why this T27 Christmas tree is on TikTok. but for your understanding, this is not the normal old that you buy every single time during the holiday season.

Thus it is an artificial Christmas tree, not an organic one. The thing is that it initially comes with lighting so you do not have to stress about all the lightning stuff to decorate your Christmas tree and nor do you have to wait in long lines to get one.

It also comes with trimmings apart from lightning that you need on a Christmas tree but except for your favourite tree topper, therefore this Christmas tree does look pretty classy and cool when compared to another one.

The TikTok user mermaid1723, who was among the first to publish a video that attracted thousands and millions of views, first made people aware of this T27 Christmas tree.


Where to get TikTok’s Tree?

The user mermaid1723 said that she had purchased the Christmas tree from Home Depot, but that when she looked back later, it had been sold out. The coolest Christmas tree T27 has so far attracted the attention of many TikTok users.

However users became pretty obsessed with the T27 Christmas tree, thus one commented “I’ve never seen a tree so pretty it didn’t need ornaments on it. Wow,”

The tree is available in Home Depot in the United States, however, you can check your neighbourhood stores as it frequently sells out.


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