What is ‘Toaster Steak’ Viral Food Recipe Trend on TikTok?

A new ‘Toaster Steak’ viral food recipe is trending on TikTok and people are thus wondering what’s this trending recipe all about. Let us take a look at this article so to get some greater updates.


What is the ‘Toaster Steak’ Viral Food Recipe Trend on TikTok?

TikTok is always famous for its bizarre trends from crazy videos to trending reels, the app is always and always making rounds on the app for something crazy.

And thus this time, a new ‘Toaster Steak’ viral food recipe is gathering and generating greater trends on the app.

The food community on TikTok is very huge and users are always constantly sharing their viral food combinations plus recipes to amaze the TikTok community.

But not everything is great, recently the viral ‘Toaster Steak’ is in a huge craze. The viral recipe is cooking steak in a toaster.

Since the viral food recipe became a trend in 2020, now the trend is again in a virality mood after the user itsmeju1iette, who posted this Toaster Steak food video that eventually exploded the internet.


The user itsmeju1iette is even known in the TikTok community for posting bizarre videos, especially for comedy purposes, but recently she uploaded this Toaster Steak video where she is seen cooking steak in a toaster thereby garnering millions of views.

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‘Toaster Steak’ Viral Food Recipe: Is it dangerous?

TikTok user itsmeju1iette recently posted a video on her TikTok account which went viral that was no one other than cooking ‘Toaster Steak’ in a toaster.

While her video appeared to just be a joke since it deals with food-related content the Toaster Steak video did not go well among the TikTok community.

Therefore with this video, now users are being warned against trying the potentially dangerous food hack.

However, on November 15, the London Fire Brigade reuploaded Juliette’s video to Twitter and share it with a caption stating


 “What you having for dinner? This #Electricalsafetyweek we’re reminding people to only use electrical products for their designated use. Don’t cook steaks in a toaster.”

What are people on the Internet saying regarding this viral food trend on TikTok?

The user’s TikTok video was first posted in 2020, but because the TikTok fad has returned, people are once again perplexed by the video, giving it various emotions and comments.

Users on TikTok are not liking the way the TikTok person is promoting making steak in a toaster which can be purely harmful and dangerous, while others are thanking the London Fire Brigade to be aware of not using the Toaster for these dangerous things.


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