What was The Net Worth of Drummer Alan White at The Time of Death?

Alan White, an English drummer who played for Yes and passed away on May 26, was a member of the band Drummer. The performer, who is seventy-two years old, was said to have suffered from a minor ailment on many occasions. White became the Yes member who had been there the longest despite never having left the band since joining in 1972. He did this by becoming a member of Yes. The tragic news of the passing of gifted Alan has left the audience in a state of profound mourning. And many in attendance would want to extend their sympathies to the guardian angel’s family and friends.


Drummer Alan White’s Net Worth

Drummer and lyricist Alan White were from the United Kingdom. Sources have determined that Alan White had a net worth of around USD 10 million at his death. However, it is not feasible to establish an accurate figure of the wealth of this incredible Drummer.

Without disclosing the reason for his passing, it was stated that Alan “has been many things to many people throughout his life and six decades of career: a rock star to fans across the globe. Bandmate to a select few, and a gentleman and friend to everyone who knew him.”


Since 1972, the musician had been performing with Yes. Before that, the Drummer was a member of the Plastic Ono Band. A band established in 1969 by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It was that White and Lennon would work together once again on the album “Imagine” (1971).

White took over for Bill Bruford in Yes and heralded a new era with a more conventional approach to playing his instrument. However, this did not result in the group’s songs being less exquisite and intricate, as the genre requires.

In addition to his work with Yes, Alan White contributed to the production of another legendary album by a former member of the Beatles: George Harrison‘s “All Things Must Pass” (1970). This musician was also a member of Joe Cocker’s band and was very influential in the 1970s.

He will not return for his wife, Gigi, and their two children. Recently, Yes made the tour announcement to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the record “Close To The Edge. Still, they did not confirm that Alan White would participate in the tour due to his ongoing health issues.

Alan White
Image: Alan White (Credit: Glenn Gottlieb)

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Alan White Death

Alan White’s difficulty with his health became public knowledge on May 26. When a close friend of his shared the news that he was passing away. The author said that he was enduring a short sickness in the post that he authored, during which he reflected on his body of work.


However, the information that the Drummer was suffering from a specific condition was not disclosed in the post that Alan made on his Facebook page. There is a good chance that the situation was difficult, and White could not tolerate the ailment’s potency. The actor exhaled his last breath at his home in the Seattle region. Surrounded by his family and other extended family members.


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