When and Where will be Burning Man 2023? How to Get Tickets?

Burning Man 2022 is recently happening in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert starting Sunday, August 28, and for those who missed out on this year’s craziest festival, here’s how to get your Burning Man 2023 ticket.


Burning Man 2023 – all you need to know

After a two-year hiatus, Burning Man is due out in 2022, and festival excitement is at an all-time high for all thrill-seekers. This highly sought-after event also attracts around 70,000 people a year, making it one of the most popular events of the year, according to a report.

Burning Man 2023 will open on August 27, 2023 according to their tradition of starting the festival on the last Sunday of August and ending on September 4, 2023.

Burning Man 2023
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The highlight of the show is lighting up a statue with fire, called the Burning Man, on the sixth day of the event. In fact, Burning Man is both an art exhibition and a party. The Burning Man Festival was previously held in San Francisco with only 20 people since its founding in 1986 by Larry Harvey.

In 1990, when the statue’s incineration was banned from its traditional beach, the whole festival shifted to the Nevada desert.

The art theme for 2022 Burning Man is Waking Dreams. Previous themes include The Inferno, The Body, The Greenman etc. Burning Man is a 10-Pillar community of artists, creators and community organizers from around the world.

Black Rock City is an annual experiment in a community. Black Rock City is an experiment in a temporary community. Here, relationships are being built, neighbors meet each other, and the collective survival is tested. It is dedicated wholeheartedly to radical self-expression and radical self-confidence.


This is not an audience event. Being in Black Rock City for a day or two makes it difficult to play a role in the community. To experience Black Rock City completely, you will have to be part of the community.

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Where and how to get the tickets?

Burning Man has revealed ticket prices for 2022 tickets on its official website. By comparing prices with the current year, Burning Man enthusiasts will know the estimated cost of next year’s festival.

During the main sale, tickets sold for $575 each, and entry tickets cost $140 each. In addition to the fare and ticket fees, visitors are required to pay applicable taxes and fees. If attendees book tickets during the early registration period for the January FOMO sale, tickets will cost $2,500 each for 1,000 people. It will be $1,500 for 3,000 people.

Burning Man 2023
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Children under 12 will get free admission with a parent or legal guardian. They will need to have a free child ticket to print at home though, the official website says.

You cannot buy one-day passes here, and there is no discount depending on the length of stay. Of course, you don’t have to come all week. You can arrive early in the week and stay only part of the event.

You will not be able to buy tickets at the event box office. Plan ahead and buy your ticket before arriving at the gate.

Burning Man is a movement for radical self-sufficiency. Bring everything you need to survive. Some people only bring the basics. Others bring everything.

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