Where Does TikTok Star Gabbie Hanna Live as Cops Called to Her Home After The Bizarre Posts?

Gabbie Hanna is a tik-tok celebrity. The page became the focus of a bizarre and emotional series of videos, clips that made his friends and fans so concerned for his safety that they called the cops.


Gabbie Hanna’ Tik-Tok Videos

Gabbie, who has more than 7 million followers and goes by the name “TraumaQueen” on the popular app, posted nearly 100 videos of herself on Wednesday. Over the course of about 48 hours this week, Hanna posted over 150 videos. Each of which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. The videos show her dancing, singing, laughing, and ranting. These all are about religion, aliens, and a variety of other topics that don’t make sense.

The Video where Hanna needs help

Many of those followers have urged her to “get help,” and have called for someone close to her to do a wellness check. Medical professionals had a lengthy discussion with Gabbie and determined that she posed no threat to her or anyone else…so they allowed her to remain at home.


On God, I was pretty fkn nervous the whole time. Just because I have Faith doesn’t mean the Unknown isn’t Scawey. Oh thank God, WE’RE ALIVE! WE’re SAFE!

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Teleported to heaven

In one of her TikTok videos, she describes how she “teleported to heaven, had a temper tantrum. Also came back down here to save your souls, and I don’t care if you believe me.
One of the comments beneath the video said: “Her eyelids show how exhausted she is xxx. I hope you’re doing well, babe.”

Gabbie Hanna Posted Videos from Wednessday Morning

Her videos from Wednesday morning showed her allowing a stranger into her home. Despite her friends’ advice, the man named Nicholas apparently asked her to use her restroom, entered her home, and then prayed with her. Fans hoped that Nicholas would be there to assist Hanna. She was still posting videos as of 1 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday.

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Fan Concern about Gabbie Hanna

Many people expressed concern about Hanna’s mental health, comparing her actions to “manic episodes” and other disorders.She has not, however, made any diagnoses public. There is currently no information available about what she is going through.

Fan comments on Social Sites

  • “Where are her friends?” asked one commenter, after Hanna posted several similar videos in a row. “Her neighbours? Her family? Why is she still alone?”
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  • A Twitter user posted a screen recording of a snippet from her TikTok live and wrote: “someone needs to check on Gabbie Hanna” as the caption.
  • “In all seriousness, I worry, and I hope Gabbie Hanna gets the help she needs. Someone in her life needs to do a wellness check on her,” wrote another Twitter user.
  • A different fan wrote: “She says she died and went to heaven last night, is the son of god, second coming of Christ. She’s uploaded 45 videos to TikTok today and talks in riddles. It’s WILD.”

As for what triggered the video spree, it appears that trolls on Gabbie’s account may have played a role… She was recently mocked for declaring her desire to “save the world.”


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