Which Mean Girls Quotes Fans Used That Made Star Amanda Seyfried ” Really Grossed Out “

Amanda Seyfried has expressed her encounter with derogatory comments. It was after the release of Mean Girls, that she came across gross comments from men. Undoubtedly the movie was an iconic one. Therefore people still have an obsession with the plot and its hilarious script. Besides fans still use those memorable quotes from the movie. However, Amanda expressed that one of the quotes hurt her.


Amanda Seyfried Is Disgusted With The Quote From Mean Girls

Mean Girl movie came out in 2004. And the movie garnered an incredible reaction from the audience. Besides fans can’t get over those hilarious quotes from the movie. Even fans quote them today. Moreover, fans also get a lot of attachment from the characters of the movie. Undoubtedly they love Amanda as Karen in this movie.

But recently Amanda has expressed her negative encounter after the movie. As the movie shows that Karen can forecast weather with the help of her breast. There was a famous quote that she can predict rain using her breast. Therefore some men deliberately quote them which was disgusting to Amanda.

The movie Mean Girl has Amanda playing the role of Karen. In the movie, Karan can forecast when it raining using her breast. Moreover, in the movie, Karen also became the real weather girl. Although the quote of Karen got famous but it personally became disgusting for Amanda. She, therefore, narrates her bad experience with the quote from this movie.


Amanda told how some men use to come in the street and use to quote those lines before her. She further adds how it was disgusting to encounter this experience when she was just 18. Undoubtedly it’s so gross to use the movie line personally to Amanda.

Amanda Seyfried’s role in Mean Girls

Of course, Amanda got a lot of popularity for Mean Girls. Undoubtedly the movie was a great laughter doze for us. The movie is full of hilarious and iconic scenes. Besides in this movie, Amanda has essayed the role of Karen Smith. Karen is a hilarious character with an unusual talent. She has the talent to realize when there will be rain. As her breast can tell her about the rain.


Therefore there is a hilarious scene where she holds her breast for doing the weather forecast. Undoubtedly Karen was the dumbest character in Mean Girls. Her dialogues were outrageously hilarious as well as infamous among the audience.

The comedy movie Mean Girls was helmed by Mark Waters. Besides Tina Fey is the writer of this hilarious movie. In this movie, Amanda plays Karen who is a ditsy and dumb girl. She later became the weather girl using her breast for a weather forecast. However, this movie character became a reason for passing lewd remarks to Amanda. In a recent interview, she reveals how men constantly use to ask her about rainfall.

Amanda Seyfried
Image: Amanda Seyfried(Instagram/mingey)

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Career of Amanda Seyfried

Amanda is a popular American actress. She began her career as a child model at the age of 11. Besides she started acting as a teenager. However, the ‘ Mean Girls’ was a breakthrough movie for her career. It was also her debut on the silver screen as Karen Smith. Before that, she use to do TV series. But her role in Mean Girls came with mainstream fame for the actress.

Furthermore, she also got an appreciation for ‘ Veronica Mars’ which was a popular TV series. The actress has done various genres of movies in her career. Moreover, she also had singing talent and has done soundtracks for her films. Her musical movie Mamma Mia (2008) became very popular.

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