Whitney Williams, Alabama Teen, hunts Alligator with Crossbow on her birthday

Whitney Williams shocked her parents by answering to hunt down an alligator with a crossbow for celebrating her 17th birthday.


How did Whitney Williams get this idea?

Whitney Williams loves fishing and hunting so it was typical for her to ask for such a wish for her birthday and she was always a fan of watching the ‘Swap people’ show.

“‘ I’m going to do that one day.’ she just kept on after me about it” says Chris father of Whitney Williams.

Lining up everything took quite a long time for the family to make sure they have hired good and experienced people for their hunting trip. They were finally able to find a group of people in Tallahassee, Florida.

Chris said,” I have found some guys who work for the state of Florida and go around surveying different places, the surveys tell how many gators are there and they do egg collection and that kind of stuff,”

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how did Whitney Williams hunt the alligator?

On the weekend of July 30, Whitney Williams and her father decided on doing night hunting with a bow and arrow.

Chris said they had a little gator call which sounds like hatching and attracts alligators.

Chris said, “we had one jump-up and bite the bow of the boat.”

Whitney loved everything.

“We’ve watched a lot of ‘Swamp People’ and I was like, “That looks fun,’ and I love hunting and stuff and thought, why not try something different?” said Whitney Williams.

Whitney got her opportunity after two nights when they found a good size alligator.

They started dragging the alligator closer to Whitney after shooting two arrows into it. They then used a boom stick which has a shell attached to it at the end for sticking the shell of the alligator.

Whitney Williams said that it was her first time doing something like this. She said she had to prop the crossbow on something.

She said she was nervous and shaking but glad she got to do it.

After the hunt was successful, the guides said it was not a decent size but huge for a teen.

When they measured the alligator they were surprised. They said that they haven’t found anything like that in a few years.

The alligator was 12 and a half feet long and weighed more than 500 pounds.


“We couldn’t even put it in a boat, We had to drag it in the water. It took five people to drag it to trunk. I did not expect it to be that big”

Whitney is a member of the basketball team at Covenant Christian High School. She likes to challenge herself and loves to go on hunting and fishing with her dad.

“If I’m not doing that, Its either basketball or working out,” said Whitney.

What did they do with the alligator?

They were going to use the meat to eat and the skin for making the knife holder or making boots.

Whitney said that she is go ing to display the head in her room.


“She will remember that and tell her grandkids one day,” said her father.

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