Who are Nick Wright’ Wife and Children? First Things First co-host’s Family Life

The First Things First co-host has made himself a name in sports television. Nick Wright recently posted a photo with his loved one, but who is Nick Wright’s family including his wife and kids?


Who is co-host Nick Wright?

TV host Nick Wright has become a staple of sports talks shows. The 36-year-old grew up in Kansas before moving to New York to study journalism at Syracuse University. Wright applied his experience in sports radio to his television career when he started working for Fox Sports in 2016.

In December 2016, Wright and former wide receiver Chris Carter co-hosted an episode of The Herd while regular host Colin Cowherd was on vacation.

Surprisingly, Nick’s first TV appearance was in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, where he won $50,000. He returned to Kansas and began working for local radio station KCSP 610 AM.

In 2016, he began working for Fox Sports, then stepping in for regular presenter Colin Cowherd. He is currently on First Things First with Jenna Wolfe and Kevin Wildes, analyzing and discussing some of the biggest issues in sports.

Nick Wright’s sports commentary has received both praise as well as criticism from the media.

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Who is Nick’s family?

Nick Wright recently uploaded family photos to social media. He captioned the post, “Together with the universe’s greatest family, we celebrate the universe’s greatest radio station hall of fame.

Nick Wright’s family includes his wife Danielle Wright, son (Damonza Byrd), daughter (Diorra Byrd), biological daughter (Deanna Wright) and sister (Joanna).

Daniel Wright has been Nick’s wife since 2013. They met in 2007 during a bad time in Nick’s life. However, Daniel picked him up and married him six years later. She is a well-known stylist who works with Fox Sports.

She’s been close to the presenter on the network, saying that host Joy Taylor “loved” her in the segment. She and her husband has one biological daughter Joanna.

It’s unclear when she was born, but Nick has posted pictures of her on Instagram. She also appeared once on the national television.

Nick and Daniel have one biological child, but he is also a great father to Daniel’s children from her previous relationship. He legally adopted Damonza and Diorra Byrd and has a very close relationship with them.

Not much is known about the couple, but Nick has shared many photos of them together.

Nick Wright
Nick Wright (Instagram/getnickwright )

Nick’s parents are Charlene Wright and Louie A. Wright, who both reportedly live in Texas. Wright is of Italian and Irish descent and shares it with her sister, Joanna. Little is known about her, although she appears to work in the legal field.

Nick has posted about his sister many times, often about how proud he is of her and her career.

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