Who are Yasmine Hider and Krystal Diane Pinkins? Two Women Charged with Murder, Robbery, and Kidnapping

Two women— Yasmine Hider and Krystal Diane Pinkins are charged with the heinous murder of a 22-year-old man. He was an incoming student of University of Central Florida.

Alongside murder, perpetrators also committed the crime of kidnapping and robbery according to the report of Clay County Sheriff’s office. The victim named Adam Simjee, 22 was strolling through the Alabama forest with his girlfriend Mikayla Paulus.


Who are Yasmine Hider And Krystal Diane Pinkins?

Yasmine Hider was a hard-working college student who was about to move to Oklahoma for her studies. She had a review by Motherboard. Hider was going to study at Langston University. However, things did not go as planned.

On the other hand, Pinkins, 36 was a certified home-health aide and worked in Tennessee. Moreover, from her LinkedIn profile, she was a freelance writer and a public speaker as well.

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How Did They Killed The Man?

Yasmine Hider, 20 pretended to be a stuck motorist in the wilderness and then later made them the target. As a kind gesture, Simjee and Paulus tried to help the stranded motorist in the Talladega National Forest located in eastern Alabama.

Both students tried to assist her in starting her wrecked car for a whole 30 minutes. But they paid their kindness with deceit. When Hider’s car was still not working, she pulled out a trigger. She pointed them at the students and asked them to give her the keys and cellphone. Simjee and Paulus did the same.

Eventually, Simjee too pulled out a gun and the two had a shootout. Hider shot the bullet at Simjee’s back. He was dead at the site despite Paulus’s attempt at CPR.

Adam Simjee and Mikayla Paulus
Adam Simjee and Mikayla Paulus (GOFUNDME)

Second Murderer Krystal Diane Pinkins

The key witness Simjee’s girlfriend Paulus told the police that the second woman was there in the woods. They saw her running in the bushes. According to the concerned authorities, they found Krystal Diane Pinkins living inside a camp.


Moreover, as per the tracking team of Alabama Department of Corrections, there are many tents there. The statement claimed-

“to a large group of tents that had been set up in the National Forrest in what appeared to be a base camp.”

At the place, a 5-year-old child was running around with a loaded gun. When officers were taking Pinkins away, they found that the child is her son. The child did away with the gun eventually.

According to AP, Hider and Pinkins both are booked at the Clay County Jail for their respective crimes.


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