Who is Alison Herbstreit, Wife of Kirk Herbstreit? Their Family Life Explored

Alison Herbstreit is Kirk Herbstreit’s wife. She is an interior designer and an American citizen who was born and raised there. Interior design was Alison’s area of study at Vanderbilt University. The two fell in love while attending Vanderbilt University as undergraduates.


Who is Alison Herbstreit?

Alison Herbstreit was a cheerleader in the Ohio State University. She is an interior designer. She came into spotlight because of her husband Kirk Herbstreit.

Who is Kirk Herbstreit?

Kirk Herbstreit is an analyst for ESPN’s College Football Playoff coverage as well as a co-host of College GameDay. Prior to his broadcasting career, Herbstreit was a quarterback for Ohio State University from 1989 to 1992.

Where do Alison Herbstreit and Kirk Herbstreit live?

Alison Herbstreit and Kirk Herbstreit live together in Nashville. They used to live in Ohio before that but had to move because a fan accused Kirk of criticizing his place of education and that became so serious that they ahd to move out of that place.


Rumors about extramarital affair

Its been more than 20 years have passed since the couple began living together. Since many years ago, there have been several rumors concerning them, particularly around Kirk Herbstreit. Even on the day of their wedding, rumors about his having extramarital affairs circulated.

After learning that Kirk Herbstreit had a few relationships with other women, the couple first lived apart. However, after some time passed, Alison made the decision to forgive Kirk and reunite with their children since she believed that at that young age, the children needed both of their parents. They then began to live together and appear to be appreciating their marriage.

Alison Herbstreit and Kirk Herbstreit
Alison Herbstreit and Kirk Herbstreit

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About the couple and their family

The two fell in love while attending Vanderbilt University as undergraduates. Alison was a cheerleader and Kirk was on the football team. They began dating in 1987, and they were wed in 1998.

Together, Kirk and Alison are the parents of four kids. Jake, their oldest son, was born in 1999. Tye, their second child, was born in 2001. Chase, their daughter, was born in 2003. Zak, the youngest son, was born in 2006.


Both Kirk and Alison are very active in the lives of their kids. They frequently show up to their extracurricular activities and sporting events of their children.

Both Kirk and Alison are quite supportive of one another’s professional life. Alison frequently makes appearances on College GameDay, the television programmed her husband hosts.

Quite active on social media

Kirk shares photos of his family on social media frequently. He frequently expresses how much he loves being a husband and father.

Kirk and Alison appear to have a very happy and healthy marriage. On social media, they often share photos of themselves together.


Here is Kirk Herbstreit Instagram Account: @kirkherbstreit

Here is Kirk Herbstreit Twitter Account: @KirkHerbstreit

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