Who is Alison Steinberg? Journalist is Angry For a Pride Flag, Hoisted in Huntington Beach

Even though Donald Trump is not the President now, his numerous right-wing supporters continue to create trouble. It begin when the appearance of an LGBTQ+ Pride flag hoisted in the Huntington Beach commercial district to celebrate Pride Month sparked a homophobic hate-filled rant from Alison Steinberg.

The controversy began when Alison Steinberg released a video of herself cursing and yelling indignantly after looking at the Pride flag. Steinberg had initially uploaded the video to Instagram, but she later took it down.


Who is Alison Steinberg? What do we know about her?

Popular One American News anchor Alison Steinberg is a right-wing extremist contributor. The Anchor is between the ages of 28 and 25 and was born in California at TBA. She began her profession as an anchor at a very young age, quickly becoming well-known for her numerous Instagram videos.

Alison Steinberg has also voiced her dissatisfaction over rising gas and grocery prices. She has been outspoken about it and has laid the blame for it on President Joe Biden and his team. Alison has also expressed strong sentiments about the LGBTQ+ community’s support for Ukraine in addition to this.

How has she responded to Ukraine’s LGBTQ+ community?


Let’s say that it is not the first time Alison caught the attention of people by saying hate-filled things and coming out as homophobic. The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected people across the country. Alison has already been featured in news stories. When she said that supporting Ukraine was “gay,” Alison once attracted a lot of attention. If the LGBTQ+ crew is attempting to imply that supporting Ukraine is gay, I might be in agreement with them there, Alison stated during her appearance on OAN. She swiftly countered, “Just kidding,” though.

In another video uploaded to her social media accounts, she added that she had experienced discrimination at a Starbucks drive-through because she was not wearing a mask. The LGBTQ+ community, which is proudly celebrating pride month, is incensed by Alison’s rant. What do you make of this event? Isn’t that pretty disgusting?

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What is the controversy about?

An LGBTQ+ Pride flag was flying in Huntington Beach’s beachside commercial district to celebrate Pride Month in the video. Which is no longer available on Instagram but has been shared heavily on Twitter

Here is what Alison Steinberg says:

“What the hell is that?” Steinberg asked. “Huntington Beach is the town of good ol’ fashioned, hard-working American people!”. “This is a disgrace to our city and it should be taken down immediately,” she continued. Alison yelled that the town’s mayor or other top officials should be sacked for allowing such profanity. The American flag is the only flag that belongs there, she declared. She added that the pride flag should be promptly pulled down since it is an embarrassment to the city.


Steinberg rounded out her rant with an oldie but a goodie: “Make Huntington Beach great again!

People quickly expressed their anger over the video. Criticizing the news contributor and even tagging OAN to take some sort of action. As of right now, neither Alison nor OAN has spoken out in response to the trending video.

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