Who is Ambika Mod, Actress in AMC’s New Series ‘This Is Going to Hurt’?

Writer, comedian, and actor Ambika Mod, born in 1996, now resides in London, United Kingdom. She is 26 years old. In 2018, she had her first appearance in the film “Fair Bnb,” a short film in which she played the character of Izzy. It was her first performance in the acting business. Before pursuing a career in acting, Ambika entertained audiences as a stand-up comedian in the mainstream comedy scene.

After appearing in “This Is Going to Hurt” in 2022 as Shruti, the fame of this south-east Asian lady skyrocketed to new heights. TGTH is a sitcom on AMC+ based on the hilarious book of the same name written by Adam Kay. The book describes the goings-on in a maternity ward and how the medical staff copes with the highs and lows that come with the job.


Ambika Mod Early Life

At the time of her birth in 1996, Ambika Mod, who is now 26 years old, was born at the home of her Indian parents in London, England. Even though Ambi and her sister Priya Mod spent most of their childhood in the United Kingdom, both Ambi and Priya Mod have a strong connection to their Indian roots and ancestry because of their parents’ efforts.


Both Ambika and her brother or sister spent their youth in London, where they attended the same school. Following graduation from high school, the actor continued her education at Saint Mary’s College. Where she received her English degree in 2017.

During an interview, Mod said that upon graduation, she was perplexed and did not know what she should do next. She decided to pursue humor at long last, and she started writing comedic short tales. She also participated in stand-up comedy workshops, after which she gradually began to get requests to perform in paid events.

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Ambika Mod’s Career

Her parents were unaware of how well Ambika was doing in stage performance while she was in the early stages of establishing a successful career as a comedian. Because, in their view, stand-up comedy is only a pastime. They used to admonish her to take life more seriously and settle on a well-defined course for her professional life.

However, after Mod disclosed to her parents that she intended to pursue a career in the entertainment world, they began to support her endeavors with all of their might. Soon after, she started landing jobs in short films. Which provided her with an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work as an actor. After some time, she became a member of The Assembly Rooms Theatre

in Durham and started regularly attending rehearsals.
Ambika Mod
Image: Ambika Mod (Credit: THE TIMES MAGAZINE)

Her Personal Life

According to our findings, Amby has been completely silent about her lover up until this point. The majority of her pictures on Instagram are of her with either her pals or her co-stars. However, there are rumblings that she may have a relationship with a man called Andrew.

He is the one who was instrumental in getting Ambika’s full-length program on Fringe off the ground. These rumors may be true; nevertheless, we cannot verify them, and it is in your best interest to wait for Mod to reveal the details of her personal life


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