Who is Amy Jackson, Rumored Girlfriend Of Actor Ed Westwick?

The popular actor Ed Westwick is likely dating someone. Recently the actor was strolling with Amy Jackson holding her hand. Ever since this photo went viral, people are speculating about their dating. Besides, there is no confirmation from their ends. Moreover, many netizens are curious to know more about Amy Jackson. For the unversed, she is a British model who has also done various movies in India.


Who is Amy Jackson?

Amy Jackson is a 30-year British model as well as an actress. But apart from her work in Britain, she has also d one influential work in Bollywood. The actress has gotten immense recognition in India with her movie.


Apart from working in Bollywood, the actress used to work in the south cinemas of India. Therefore she has done over 15 Indian films in a short period. Besides she was featured with the Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar in the movie “Singh is Bling“.

Amy has more than 11 million followers on her IG handle. Undoubtedly she had an immense fanbase from India. She has a very captivating beauty and enchanting aura. Besides she carries herself so well in the Indian attire.


Aside from Indian movies, she has done many other projects. Moreover, her role in the series Supergirl got immense appreciation. She even garnered various awards for the incredible role. Apart from acting, she is one successful model. This sizzling model has the credit for earning the title of Miss Teen World.

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Personal life of Amy Jackson

After the viral pic of Amy with Westwick makes round, people get busy speculating. Besides people are trying to extract more information about the actress. Some netizens are also curious to delve into the actress’ personal life.

Amy Jackson with Ed Westwick
Image: Amy Jackson with Ed Westwick (From: Instagram/edwestwicks.wife)

Indeed this British actress has become well-known in Indian films. But there are many facts about her personal life that you may like to explore. The British model is a mother of a 2-year toddler son. She gave birth to her son when she was in a relationship with George Panayiotou.

The pair were in a relationship for almost 6 years. The couple became parents of a son, however, they don’t have a marriage. They further parted ways in July 2021. Today, Amy is enjoying parenting her little munchkin. Besides she often shares the clips of her son on the IG platform.

Amy is very active on her IG platform giving regular feeds to her fans. Indeed she is relishing her motherhood and raising her son. She often shares adorable posts of herself with her two-year munchkin. Aside from her social media craziness people also admire her for her philanthropist works. She is indeed a very philanthropist person.

Besides she was the recipient of a UN award in 2018. The actress is also a great animal lover and thus PETA has also made her their ambassador. She has also lent her support to an NGO that works for the welfare of Asian elephants.

Amy Jackson linkup with Ed Westwick


Recently Amy was seen with Westwick holding hands with each other. It was quite apparent that they were on a romantic walk. They were sporting casual wear and were seemingly enjoying the time. There is no further claim by their end about the dating rumor.

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