Who is Andrea Fuentes? Coach Saves U.S. Artistic Swimmer Anita Alvarez

Anita Alvarez is an artistic swimmer, currently participating in the swimming world championships. She fainted yesterday while competing. This created havoc among the people present there, but all thanks to her coach Andrea Fuentes, the swimmer is safe. Her coach Andrea was quick enough to react to the situation, which saved her mentee. Now everything you need to know about the news is there in the article. Ranging from who is Andrea Fuentes? What happened in there? Stay tuned


About the news

Now the news is about 22 June 2022, when a two-time Olympic participant swimmer Anita Alvarez fainted during her performance. She was swimming in the water when her coach Andrea noticed that she is going to the bottom of the pool. Anita was not conscious at that time and was drowning. Andrea then took the immediate and the necessary step of diving into the pool immediately. She went straight through her, caught her by folding her hands across Andrea’s body and brought Anita to the surface of the water. From there, there was an individual present who helped them both out. It was Andrea’s quick reaction that saved Anita today.

Andrea Fuentes

Now, as we speak on 23 June, Anita is quite stable from yesterday. Andrea shared it through her Instagram as well that all Anita’s medical reports are normal and she is taking a rest currently. talking about the federation, all were appreciating Andrea’s efforts and were also shocked and scared that how could this happen. The reason is still not clear to anybody. But Andrea confirmed that this is quite normal and natural in a tiring sport like swimming. Moreover, Anita was under a lot of stress before this and a futile sport like swimming adds up to the body and mind stress.

After the Incident The USA Artistic Swimming stated that the medical staff has evaluated Anita Alvarez and is taking good care. She will be under monitoring for some time. The federation further praised Anita for her performance and how good she was. Although they did not clarify her participation in the free team final on Saturday, 25th June 2022.

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Who is Andrea Fuentes?

Born in 1983, on the Seventh of April, Andrea Fuentes Fache is a Spanish retired synchronized swimmer.  She is the most enhanced swimmer throughout the entire existence of the Spanish public team, with four Olympic, 16 World Championship, and 11 European Championship awards: her four Olympic awards additionally make her the most improved Spanish female Olympian ever, close by Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and Mireia Belmonte.

Andrea Fuentes
Image: Andrea Fuentes (Credit: Europa Press)

Andrea enlisted in the public synchronized swimming crew in 1999.[6] Andrea has contended at 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Olympics, where she has won four decorations in the ladies’ two-part harmony and ladies’ group events.[8] She resigned from tip-top rivalry in January 2013, referring to demotivation because of contention between the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation

and the lead trainer of the public group, Ana Tarrés. Now, Andrea is the coach of the USA senior national team.

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