Who is ArtVanGrow and Why IG Followers Calling Her ‘Home Depot Karen’?

The American influencer, mental health advocate and artist, ArtVanGrow’ real name is Amanda and she resides in Newyork. Recently, The influencer posted stories on Instagram in which she seems involved with home depot employees.

After watching this, Instagram followers started calling her ‘Home Depot Karen’. For people who are not aware of social media terms, Karen is a term used for an obnoxious, entitled, or racist middle age white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behavior.


Who is ArtVanGrow?

ArtVanGrow is basically a brand that was established by a woman named Amanda. Amanda is a social media influencer, YouTuber, mental health advocate, and artist. 

The New York-based influencer has completed a bachelor of science degree from West Virginia University. 

However, in 2017, the influencer decided to reinvent her life. Amanda went on a mission to learn about herself, others, and the world around her while emerging herself in nature, culture, and human experiences.

ArtVanGrow (Credit: YouTube)

American influencer has gained plenty of popularity through social media. She is famous for the name ArtVanGrow as she runs a YouTube channel with this name and a website. 

ArtVanGrow has 14.6 k followers on tik tok and 5.48 k subscribers on YouTube which is outstanding. Amanda also posted some travel and small Shelters-related videos on her social media.

The influencer invites her followers to contribute financially to her lifestyle via Patreon. The most generous patrons get personalized conscious calls creating a safe space for them to speak their truth, share their stories and ask for guidance during the self Love journey. 

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Why IG Followers Calling Her ‘Home Depot Karen’?

America-based influencer and artist, Amanda is generally known as ArtVanGrow as this is the name of her official website and her YouTube channel. 

But recently Instagram followers started calling her ‘Home Depot Karen’. Do you know why? Why is the most popular influencer suddenly facing this criticism and humiliation?

Recently, the influencer posted a series of stories on Instagram in which ArtVanGrow is involved with home depot employees. These videos have also made it to Reddit

and Twitter.

In a video, one of the two home depot employees named Hansen and Jamie asks her to leave the shop. She tells them to give her thousands of dollars back and then insists that he will be getting fired for his actions.

Following the series of videos, ArtVanGrow posted a video sitting in her car. The influencer narrates the whole incident in the video and expresses her frustration on not getting a discount at the home depot from the employees.

After watching her behavior some comments started calling her ‘Home Depot Karen’. One of the Reddit users describes her behavior as classic Karen behavior.


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