Who is Ashlin Hadden? TikToker Goes Viral After Sharing Contractor Trapped Her Cat Inside Wall

TikToker Ashlin Hadden in her recent TikTok video, told everyone about how a contractor accidentally trapped her cat inside the wall for nearly three days. This happened while the said contractor was renovating the bathroom. This video has got more than 2.5 million views.


What exactly happened?

Ashlin Hadden, a TikToker recently got a chance of being viral on the platform and Ashlin Hadden immediately made good use of it. On October 3, she posted a video explaining the situation. She informed that while she was out of town for her usual three day business trip, she hired a contractor to renovate her bathroom.

After Ashlin Hadden returned to her home, she was unable to find her cat. However, after hearing the meows of her cat who was under the bathroom, she broke open some parts of the wall. Her cat finally appeared which made her angry about the irresponsibility of the contractor.

In the video, Ashlin Hadden is seen showing her bathroom and saying that the contractor took out the bathtub to include a new shower. Pointing towards a newly renovated shower room, she said,“I could hear the cat crying from somewhere in here”.


“Yes, the contractor. The stupid a** contractor drywalled my cat into the drywall underneath the bathtub. Story of my life,” she added in a fury.

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The reaction of the viewers to Ashlin Hadden

A huge amount of viewers saw this short video and expressed their two cents about the situation. Also, many of them blamed the woman for leaving the cat alone inside a house knowing that a contractor was about to come to do their work.

“When I’m having work done on my house and I’m not gonna be home I have my cats locked in a separate room. That’s all on you!!”, one user commented.

Meanwhile, the other user commented, “You paid him to drywall and cat sit or just drywall ?”

“Do you really think he did it on purpose? Cats are stealthy little creatures. I seriously doubt he knew the cat was in there”, the other user chimed in. However, she replied that she doesn’t think that the contractor did this on purpose but still it was their fault.


“I do think that if you are going to leave a hole overnight they should have at least covered it”, she explained.

“Not their fault… cats like to hide and stay quiet. I keep my cats in their own room when getting work done,” another user said.

When the situation got out of her hand, she pinned a comment in which she explained the whole thing. “1. I wasn’t told they would be cutting a hole. 2. Yes they knew about the cat. 3. Yes I shut the bedroom AND bathroom doors before leaving,” she commented.


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