Who is Baby Grace? TikToker Claims Her Ex Impregnated His Sister

The TikToker, Baby Grace, claims that her former boyfriend has possibly impregnated his younger sister. Her post is now viral on the internet.

Let’s dig deeper into Grace’s claim.


TikToker Baby Grace Claims her Ex Impregnated his Sister

Baby Grace aka ‘bbyyygrace’ exposed her ex-boyfriend “Curtis” in a clip she shared on 12th September. She charged him with impregnating his younger sister at such a young age.

Baby Grace stated, “Ain’t you 22 living with your 16-year-old baby mama in her grandma’s house, huh? Stealing your mother’s food stamp card, huh? No card, no apartment, no nothing. You ain’t got sh*t.”

However, she intended to criticize him for supposedly making his girlfriend, who was only 13 years old, pregnant. Grace, however, asserted that he had “got [his] sister pregnant when she was 12” earlier.


Whole daddy and an uncle. Kids related and all. Broke ass. Mouth foam up when you talk lol. Then I get a txt the other day talking about he got crabs. LIKE BE FR.

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Who is Baby Grace?

One of the most well-liked Tiktok creators is bbyyygrace (Baby Grace). There are currently 5.7K users on Grace’s TikTok profile.

Baby Grace blogs, which have gained the admiration and devotion of many fans, are the basis for the majority of their clips. In both the global and TikTok rankings, she is presently at 1546th rank.

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Baby Grace Claim’s Outcome

These charges are the cause of TikTok viewers’ astonishment as the video gained 16.3 million visitors at this post, and many urged the TikToker to “call the police ASAP” because, as one said, “this is surely a case.”

The following day, she posted another clip explaining that she was unaware of any of this alleged knowledge during her time with Curtis.

He was a “domestic abuser,” she added in some other unsettling charges, which she claimed was why she ended things with him.

After this claim, it is unknown which of the allegations is the subject of a police inquiry. Many others are still urging the TikToker to report her allegations to the police, though.

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The TikToker’s Rising Cases

On TikTok, several incredible rumors and claims have shocked viewers, got their authors famous, or even gotten the police involved.


Such tales are rapidly gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. It includes a creator who allegedly caught a pair attempting to break into her house after an argument on the road.

Also, a woman who discovered her partner was her sibling and another one who claimed she needed surgery because her dildo got stuck.

And now when the TikToker ‘bbyyygrace’ has caused a stir on the app after making some outrageous claims, let’s see what happens next.

It will be interesting to see whether these cases will decline or not.

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