Who is Brenda Trindade? Instagram Model’s video Leaked On Social Media

Brenda Trindade is one of the most popular actresses on social media with more than 60k followers on her Instagram. The actress came into News after releasing a statement about buying her favorite team.

Yes! Recently, the actress took to Twitter to announce that she is interested in buying her favourite team. Brenda said in a statement that her team has $5 million to buy O’Higgins. 

There are a lot of people who are spreading negativity. They are saying that her team is gonna buy videos for a price of $5 million.


Who is Brenda Trindade?

Brenda Trindade is a widely popular actress on social media platforms with more than 85k followers on instagram. The actress is originally from South America. 

Brenda Trindade has been a model and host as well as an actress. Hosting the show made her widely famous in Latin America. The former actress is known for her interest and love for football since the time she got fame.


The Instagram model Brenda Trindade confirmed later that she will not buy the team. Her statement went Viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. Shortly after her revelation, a spokesperson of the team also took to social media and announced that they are not selling the team to model.

They also said that they haven’t sold their team to the Instagram model, Brenda. However some of the people accuse the former actress of abusing the team members many times.

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Instagram Model’s Video Leaked on Social Media

The model Brenda Trindade’ private video has surfaced on-line. The video is an attention-grabbing clip that has made the model a subject of debate. It is not the first time the model has become the subject to this debate and controversy among netizens.

This time her video made it more difficult as the clip contained some private parts that grabbed everyone’s attention. 

Brenda Trindade
Brenda Trindade (Instagram/brendatrindadee_)

Brenda Trindade is known for her stunning and hot looks and the strategy of keeping herself maintained. There is no doubt why her social media fan following is increasing day by day.

Brenda’s love for football has made a lot of people watch Soccer. And some time ago, she expressed her curiosity in football and also mentioned her interest in buying the team.

But later on Twitter, she confirmed that she is not buying O’ Hoggins. Also the spokesperson of the team took to Twitter to announce that they are not going to sell the team to Instagram model. 


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