Who is Brittany Williams Girlfriend of Josh Allen?

Brittany Williams, a cheerleader, is a Fresno graduate. She is Josh Allen’s girlfriend since 2017.

So, are you excited to find out more about Brittany and Josh?

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Who is Brittany Williams?

Brittany Williams is a Fresno graduate, a Pilate instructor, and a cheerleader. She is a native of California and was born in the year 1996 (April 26th).

As a performer and cheerleader in high school, she joined Dolce Dance Studio. Additionally, she was a part of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Brittany Williams runs a Pilates profile and lists herself as a “Mat & Reformer instructor” on her Instagram account. As an influencer, she develops and primarily writes about health and exercise. She is popular for posting online about her cuisine and fashion exploits.

Brittany Williams and Josh Allen
Brittany Williams and Josh Allen (Instagram/brittwilll)

Brittany Williams’ Family

Brittany Williams’ parents are Megan, her mother, and Chris Williams, her father. Chris is a retired superintendent of the Paso Robles Unified School District.

In 2018, Chris played lb for Fresno State, Brittany’s former school became an honorary skipper of the Bulldogs.

Hence, she is close to soccer. Jordan is the name of her sibling.

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Brittany Williams and Josh’s Relationship

Although they know each other for a very long time, the couple started dating throughout their undergraduate years in 2017. Therefore, they are together since 2017.  

Josh and Brittany went to Firebaugh Public High School together.


On her one-year commemoration, she posted on Instagram, “My 8-year-old crush became my boyfriend a few years later.” She teased in another upload, “thx for flirting with me when we were 8 years old, we’ve come a long way. I’m just glad you don’t have cooties anymore.”

The duo enjoys traveling the world collectively. Josh likes to spend his leisure time on international excursions.

They are frequently depicted on social networks together, enjoying concerts and other humanitarian events.

When did Brittany Williams and Josh Allen come across each other?

Brittany Williams and Josh Allen are longtime friends who knew one another growing up. They were in an identical school.

In an appearance, Brittany Williams admitted to having an infatuation with Allen when she was 8. She felt fortunate and grateful that her 8-year-old crush sooner or later became her boyfriend.

The pair began formally seeing each other in 2017 while they were still in college. The Buffalo Bills chose Allen in 2018, one year after they began dating. The duo marked their first commemoration in May 2018.

Williams was there when Josh got into the first round and signed a four-year, $21 million contract with the Buffalo Bills. She is a regular sight at Bills games donning their apparel and frequently seats in a luxury.

Allen “completely wiped” after high school dance

Williams and Allen didn’t cross paths again after their birthday celebration meeting until they were about 16 or 17, but their mothers maintained contact.

Williams’ mother contacted Allen’s mother after Brittany Williams commented on how “cute” Allen looked in a picture of him as an adult.

When they later met up again at Allen’s family restaurant, Williams recounted on The Morning After that she just “go for it” and kissed him.

Following that, they kept in contact, and Williams ultimately approached the “shy” sportsman at a dance recital, delaying the start of their relationship.

“He was nervous and my friends were crazy,” Brittany Williams stated, consenting that her friends were “mean” to Allen. The duo didn’t speak for a year post-dance.

“He ghosted me for a year, but at the same time, I was like ‘OK I get it, things are just not in our timing right now,’ I knew it wasn’t meant to be.”

Despite their absence of interaction she said, she understood that their relationship wasn’t ended. When Allen texted Williams to say, “I messed up,” the pair reunited during their first year of college.

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