Who is CaRena Vonchae, Girlfriend of JayDaYoungan?

Since the untimely demise of the Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan in a shooting incident, his loved ones are in shock. Fans are mourning his death and paying tributes. CaRena Vonchae, his girlfriend, has also shared touching tributes on her social media accounts.


Who is CaRena Vonchae

CaRena Vonchae, 19 years old, had been dating JayDaYoungan for a while now. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, US, CaRena are a social media star, a Fashion Model, and a hairstylist. She has over 286K followers on her Instagram handle which mentions her as a Fashion Model. She has recently started her YouTube channel also, which has around 2K subscribers. CaRena is also very active on Tiktok with her videos and fun challenges.

CaRena’s emotional Tributes to beau

She tweeted, “watch mazi for me up there baby, i love you forever”, asking with heartbreak emojis. She followed it by another tweet that said, “I don’t know how much more I can take.” Later, CaRena shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram along with several videos and photos of them both. The post read, “Thank God my last words to you were I love you, I hope you know how much tho. I’m so hurt bae, how could you leave me like that? I would’ve never left you. EVER! One thing we could do is make each other smile, such a kind-hearted sweet soul.”

CaRena Vonchae
CaRena Vonchae(Instagram/carenavonchae)

She reminisced about the moments shared together and appreciated his “forgiving nature” as his “most admirable” quality. “That’s what God wants the most out of everyone so I know you made him proud”, She said.CaRena added how she “fell in love with him the first day they met ”, and how they hadn’t spent a day without talking since.

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Did they have kids

The social media star was pregnant with JayDaYoungan’s child, but suffered a miscarriage, and gave birth to a still-born girl. On Father’s Day, June 10, 2022, she posted pictures of her holding her baby’s hand, and her footprints in a sad post.

She captioned the post as, “Amazi Breeze Scott❤️ It hurt me so bad to say goodbye to such a beautiful soul, but you fought so long for mommy. My heart is broken and I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same. You taught me so much and you’ll forever be with mommy! my guardian angel. I miss you so much, your little kicks, seeing you every week, rubbing you, kissing you. Having to leave you at the hospital killed me. I prayed every day for you baby, and thanked God for every day he blessed you with!”


cant have my baby around this trash😭😭😭 #madea #viral #baby

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“God needed you up there with him. You were too good for this world full of evil & hate. just wish I could be with you up there. You mean the most to me, my baby and I’ll do anything for you. I’m broken, but staying strong is the only choice I have. I love you mazi”, She wrote.

JayDaYoungan’s death is especially hard for CaRena given she has already suffered the loss of their kid. She wrote, “First mazi now you, I don’t know how I can keep going. I’m so hurt. My best friend, my headache, my husband, my everything, my baby, you didn’t deserve this. I still can’t believe it. Watch over mazi for me, my love!”She concluded by saying, “This is gonna be so hard for me. but I know you would want me to be strong. I’ll try but I don’t know.”


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