Who is Castro1021 as he goes super viral with World Cup Tiktok after reacting to Lewandowski’s penalty miss

A TikToker named Castro1021 is very much going viral on TikTok after reacting to a football player’s penalty miss. Let us take a look at this article in order to get some greater updates.


Who is Castro1021?

Castro1021 is a TikToker who is very much getting viral on the app after reacting to the recent football world cup of Lewandowski’s penalty miss.

Apart from being a Tiktoker, he is also a Twitch streamer and a YouTuber, he plays and streams FIFA for charity.

Since he is very much famous on all platforms from YouTube to Instagram to Twitch to TikTok, he has gathered a successful fan following and a loyal fan base on his numerous channels.


OCHOA SAVES!!! 😭 #WorldCup 🇲🇽

♬ original sound – Castro1021

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Castro1021 goes viral with TikTok by reacting to the recent world cup football match

The 2022 World Cup just crashed its doors in Qatar and people are just on the verge of excitement, One such figure who made their mark in the match is Castro1021 and thus his reaction totally went viral on social media.

Thus the opening game was between Poland Vs Mexico which ended up in a withdrawal finishing 0-0, however, the moment which caught most of the TikTokers glimpse was when in the 58th minute of the match when Poland was awarded a penalty and Barcelona thus forward Robert Lewandowski who stepped up to take.

However, the twisting moment came when the striker saw his penalty saved by the Mexican football player Guillermo Ochoa which thus captured the whole thing on camera and thus has now gone viral insanely on TikTok with adding the reaction of TikToker Castro.

Thus the clip captured the Tik Tokers’ emotions when the opponent in the match gets a penalty, therefore he states “Oh no, they’re checking Lewandowski penalty, “Ahhh he’s going to the machine. He’s going to the machine, no no no.”

However but seconds later the TikToker screamed with joy as Ochoa saved the penalty and thus kept the Mexican level by keeping the penalty away.

How are the users reacting to the viral TikTok?

Users on the app are reacting with positive and humorous reactions with one stating “Bro forgot that Mexico have Ochoa in goal.”

However, with TikToker’s joyful and shocking reaction to the world cup match, many users on the app filled the comment section reacting insanely with humour element whereas some commented and leave the comment section on a very positive note.


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