Who is Curt Skelton? TikToker Claims They are Fake AI Character

A viral Tik Tok video claims that one of the most popular accounts, Curt Skelton, is fake and an AI Character. Is Curt Skelton really fake? Well, the answer is absolutely not.

The long-known influencer is actually real. It was just a video featuring a girl named Zahra who claimed that she created Curt Skelton by using DALL-E Artificial Intelligence technology.

This video went viral and tricked most people. This kind of case has already occurred before. But, the popularity of deep real fakes such as the deep fake of Tom cruise is so huge and wide that we can’t blame people for accepting this as a real deep fake.


Meet Curt Skelton, The Tiktoker 

Curt Skelton is one of the most widely popular accounts on Tiktok. Curt Skelton has a lot of videos on his account, but most of them are focused on graphics and visual effects.

Recently he posted a video in which he claimed that he is not a real and fake AI character. The video also featured A girl named Zahra who said that she made him.


She says that she had created him by using DALL-E Artificial intelligence technology and combining the faces of Conan O’Brien and Matt Smith. 

After creating the face, she continues, she used a deep fake and animations to give the character life and bring it to the real world. 

This video tricked everyone and puzzled them. Somewhere, it forced them to think that Curt Skelton is a real fake AI character.

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Is Curt Skelton a fake AI Creation?

As we mentioned earlier, this is not true at all. In contrast to the viral video’s claim, Curt Skelton is an actual real person who earned over 2 lakh followers on his own. 

Though there is the possibility to create AI-based influencers, luckily everyone’s favorite Curt is not one of them. 

This viral video is no more than a prank. It fooled a lot of people. Many people also think that the girl featured in the viral video looks like Curt’s girlfriend and they are dating each other.

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But to break this illusion Curt commented himself and clarified that it was another woman named Zahra.


He wrote, “Way too many people think Zara looks like my girlfriend kylie. They don’t look anything like each other.”

Curt also said that he is just gaslighting viewers. And When the fellow Tiktoker Sebastian Durfee commented “I love this”, Curt replied with a lovely comment, “you are my gaslighting hero”

This video went viral on Twitter where Curt did not make any comments.. 

There are various signs in the video which prove it is fake such as Curt’s hair movement and his arms position which is mismatched.

But it is no one’s mistake because real deep fakes have gained such popularity that it has become way too difficult for people to recognize the real ones.


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