Who is Dancer Kelsey Peterson? PBS Documentary, Move Me Based on Her Story

Recently a much greater buzz has been for the PBS Move Me Documentary and Kelsey Peterson and people thus want to know the story behind the documentary. Let us explore this article in order to get some insights.


Who is Dancer Kelsey Peterson?

Kelsey Peterson is a disabled dancer, filmmaker, and athlete. She is a very talented human on earth, even after struggling with disability issues, she continues to spread her glance with her magical moves.

She currently serves as a co-director with the music and dance production ‘Crippled Dance’. Being a filmmaker and a successful choreographer, her background has paved a way for her to circulate it into a story of her own kind.

Therefore her documentary ‘Move Me’ leans on her disability journey, She thus enjoys using art as a greater vehicle for change.

Kelsey Peterson
Kelsey Peterson (Credit: Youtube)

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What is the Move Me PBS Documentary based on?

Move Me documentary which is based on the director herself Kelsey Peterson’s life explains her journey as a disabled person trying to get back into choreography and also redefining who she is while adapting to life with a disability.

The PBS Documentary is based on a topic that lifts the curtain on the most intimate challenges faced by Peterson and others who have lost their hopes and the ability to feel and move.

Peterson in 2012 underwent a major spinal cord injury when she dove in and hit her bottom head first in the waters of Lake Superior, therefore as a result she underwent a spinal cord injury which therefore strips her self-identity as an athlete and dancer.

Therefore through Move Me Peterson showcases her journey of getting back into her life as a dancer and an athlete. Moreover, Move Me follows Peterson as she meets others in the SCI community who provide her strength and a great zeal of encouragement to get back into her life.


As Peterson stated “I think “Move Me” works to shift a harmful and narrowed narrative about people with disabilities, and if this film—or my experience—can serve as a bridge to connect able-bodied people to the disability experience, in a way that holds more empathy and accountability for making this world more inclusive and accessible, that would be an honor.”

When is the PBS Move Me Documentary arriving on screens?

Well, PBS Documentary Move Me has already made its US Broadcast debut on PBS Independent Lens on November 7, 2022.

The film is available on the PBS Video app and is so far receiving greater appreciation from the audience.

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