Who is Danielle Laidley’ Partner? She Breaks Silence About Her Battle with Gender Dysphoria

Donna is the recent companion of Danielle Laidley and has applauded her new lover by wearing earrings in her honor during a stay at her former footy club.

Dani Laidley is the retired Australian regulations football trainer, and the player played for the West Coast Eagles and North Melbourne in the AFL federation.

She also played for North Melbourne’s 1996 premiership squad. She was the trainer of North Melbourne from 2003 to 2009.


Who Is Dani Laidley’s Partner Donna?

Danielle Laidley, who is presently Danielle May Laidley, is nowadays going together with Donna.

The real name of Donna is not known and has not quite the knowledge available on the internet yet.

Dani was a male at birth, and she had undergone a gender transition to female. She desired to evolve into Ms Dean Laidley.

Later the surgery, Former North Melbourne coach Danielle Laidley subsided to the club to help enjoy the club’s accomplishment of being debt-free for the first time since 1987.

She visited the club alongside companion Donna and soaked about as part of a committee that comprised current North Melbourne trainer David Noble and former trainer Brad Scott.

She even wore D earrings to pay applause to her new lover in her honour during a stay at her former footy club. 

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For the past five decades, Danielle Laidley has privately fought unthinkable turmoil.

To her friends, family and lovers, she was known to be a Dean.

He is a mythical AFL premiership player and trainer but off the arena, she felt like somebody else completely.

“There used to be a thin kid, bloke fleeing around a footy field like a maniac,” she says 60 Minutes.

“But that was an aspect of the guise, to conceal.”

Danielle was desperately striving with gender dysphoria, a private she kept from those even closest to her, involving her AFL friends.

“I would not let folks get neighbouring to me,” she memorizes.

Danielle Laidley
Danielle Laidley

“I believed I was struggling well, but that wasn’t the circumstance.”

The battle took a brutal toll that directed to risky addictions and mental health emergencies before this pushed her against her will.

After being imprisoned in 2020, cruel cops officials recognised the AFL legend wearing a hairpiece, dress and makeup, and took pictures, sharing them on social media.


‘I wouldn’t let people get close to me and thought I was getting on well, but obviously, that wasn’t the issue

“The pictures were straight up the assault of confidentiality,” she says.

It didn’t stop her path of understanding to accept and eventually love herself.

This Sunday, in a limited talk with 60 Minutes reporter Sarah Abo, Danielle Laidley opens up about her touching story also.

“I’ve just set up it strong the entire way through,” she says. 

Although her evolution has been a hard path to navigate, she is living the way she always wanted to be

“I do not have to disguise anymore.”

Sunday night, in a must-see 60 Minutes talk, Danielle Laidley is breaking her quiet.

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