Who is David Chappelle? ‘World Star’ slang meaning explored amid the SNL buzz

David Chappelle has returned to SNL and used a lot of slang language, which has caused many fans to question and wonder what the meaning of the term is. Let us explore this article to get more significant insights into this slang term.


Who is David Chappelle?

David Chappelle for those of you who did not know is an American actor and stand-up comedian. He is famous in Hollywood for his satirical comedy sketches and jokes.

He has also made his name in the industry with his comedy sketch series Chappelle’s Show. But the show did not have a very lasting journey, therefore after a major break, the stand-up comedian returned to performing stand-up comedy.

Therefore after years of hard work, he became known as the “comic genius of America” and therefore he was among the 50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time”.

Whereas, he also attained major awards and accomplishments in his career including six Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards, with also the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.


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What is the meaning of the slang ‘World Star’?

Well, everyone right now wants to know the meaning of the slang ‘World Star’, therefore this term was way more popular back in the day, than now.

WorldStarHip Hop became known initially for posting videos of people fighting, people shouting and thus they originally shouted the word ‘World Star’ in those very videos.

Therefore in one of their videos, as a fight among the WorldStarHip Hop group started and began, people thus started recording and someone shouted ‘World Star’ which thus began a tradition.

And thus even if you google the term and find out its meaning you will realise that the slang term itself means people screaming when a fight is about to happen.

David Chappelle’s recent SNL performance

David Chappelle recently appeared in the 2022 SNL and delivered his performance which became a bit controversial. The American comedian delivered his monologue in which he talked about Kanye West, Donald Trump and other celebrities.


However, as per sources, his monologue has offended some people which has thus made him face a lot of backlash with his SNL performance and especially the monologue.

While in his SNL performance, David used the slang term ‘World Star’ earlier in his 2019 comic bit when he talked about the trans community and therefore this time he has taken up greater controversial topics such as antisemitism, and celebrities like Kanye West, Trump etc, which has created a major rush of backlash on internet.


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