Who is Deshawn Longmire? Houston Uber Driver Arrested For Allegedly Killing Pastor Ronald Mouton Sr

Deshawn Longmire, a Houston-based Uber driver shot Ronald Mouton, a pastor in East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, during a road rage on a Friday.


The killing of Ronald Mouton Sr

Houston, Texas- The authorities have detained an Uber driver reprimanded of gravely shooting a pastor. Deshawn Longmire, 23, was taken into imprisonment on a Friday and was charged with a murder on June 24th on the account of shooting Rev. Ronald K. Mouton Sr – says the records with the Harris County Jail.

The Uber driver was accused of the killing of a revered Huston pastor, during a presumed road rage shooting- reports say. The data retrieved from UBER showed that the suspect was in the area around at the time of the shooting.

The witnesses told the police clearly about the incident. They saw two men quarreling on the Gulf Freeway access road- says the court records.

Longmire drove his black Honda sedan, whilst Mouton was driving his white BMW. While they were in a heated argument, neither of the drivers was out of their vehicles. The moment cars moved, Longmire “stretched his arm out of the driver window with a pistol in his hand”.


According to investigators, he then shot the pastor and drove off. Mouton crashed his BMW at a curb and died on the spot.

As per the statements recorded, the witnesses informed the police about the incident. They believed that the incident was a result of road rage between the pastor and a person with black sedan.

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Grief expressed by the Moutons

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee commented on the pastor’s death. As quoted “was just an innocent man travelling on a road near his church where he worked all the time”. She had known the pastor for years. Furthermore, announced a reward for anybody coming up with the information leading to Mouton’s death.

Mouton was a pastor at the East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church for about 30 years. “We are grateful for all the love and concern the community continues to express”. The Mouton family expressed grief in an interview.


Furthermore, the family in distress commented. As quoted, “We want the man who took his (pastor) life to understand the seriousness of his crime. He took the life of a husband, a father”.

 In another statement the family expressed, as quoted, “Our confidence and hope are in the proficient work of the police. We also hope the work of the entire criminal justice system is done thoroughly and that justice is duly served”.


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