Who is Emily Clarkson? Woman Goes Viral After Exposing Social Media Editing Apps

Emily Clarkson, An Instagram influencer went a step further by demonstrating how simple it is to entirely change your body.

Podcaster Emily Clarkson recently posted a video where she is altering her looks with editing software.

She captioned the Video with

“It’s very very easy to manipulate so although it all went a bit wobbly when I moved, if I’d have done it in front of a white wall and been clever enough about it, you’d literally have no way of knowing! Compare with caution!!!”


Meet Emily Clarkson: The author of Can I Speak To Someone In Charge? and Dear Pretty Normal Me

Emily Clarkson was born in July 1994, and her siblings are Katya and Finlo.

Emily is a lifelong Londoner who lives in the posh Fulham neighborhood.

She received a prestigious education, attending the £34,000-a-year Rugby School, like her Repton School alumnus father.

Her parents are Jeremy Clarkson and Frances. Emily Clarkson is a blogger and author.

The female-centric lifestyle blog ‘Dear Pretty Normal Me’ was founded by Emily, a former marketing strategist, in 2015. It has featured writings by authors such as Lena Dunham.

Emily Clarkson
Emily Clarkson (Instagram/em_clarkson)

She has also made appearances on daytime television to talk about topics near to her heart, such as the absence of “normal” sizes in women’s apparel stores, which served as the inspiration for the name of her blog.


Emily has written opinion pieces for The Sun, just like her father, and has defended Page 3’s portrayal of female bodies as being “more realistic” than photos of lean supermodels.

She has been dating Taken musician Alex Andrew for three years. Can I Speak To Someone In Charge?, Emily’s debut book, was published in 2017. Some reviewers have dubbed it a feminist cry to arms and it includes details about how she was molted online at the age of 15.

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Podcaster Emily Clarkson’s video becomes viral as she exposes social media editing apps

Emily Clarkson demonstrated how deceptive editing applications can be in making you appear to be someone entirely different.

“I can stand in front of you right now using my own body, but I can also use an app to reduce my waist. The podcaster stated as her physique transformed, “I can make my boobs bigger and my hips just a little bit broader.

Then Clarkson demonstrated how she could change her height as well as the way her neck, shoulders, and legs looked. Emily Clarkson moved about on the screen while the modifications happened throughout.

At the end of the video, Emily Clarkson Stated:

“So please remember that the next time you feel uneasy because of anything you saw on Instagram, it is really easy to edit the image here”


Here is How Her Followers reacted to Emily Clarkson’s Viral Clip

Many of the followers went awestruck and they also thanked Emily Clarkson for informing them about how editing works on Instagram. Let’s see some of the followers’ reactions to the viral clip

One of her followers told:

“This is WILD and brilliantly explained/demonstrated – thank you so much ❤️”

The other well-wisher of Emily commented :

“Wow, amazing to see this. I had no idea videos could be manipulated like this, thought it was only photos 🤯 thank you for sharing”

Additionally, One more follower appreciated Emily Clarkson for the information about editing in Instagram :

“I literally had NO IDEA it was that doable on video. So scary. Thank you SO much for sharing. Raising my little girl with as much power love and knowledge as possible 🤎”


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