Who is ‘Emilythebearrr’? TikToker Shows off Dazling Outfit in Public, Gets Lot of Stare

Emilythebearrr is a popular TikToker who has racked up about 75.4 million views on the platform overall.

The woman has stirred up a controversial debate as she filmed a video wearing a backless black outfit in public.

In the video, she is walking glamorously on street but the twist is she got a lot of unnecessary stares from men.

Emilythebearrr called out those people who made her feel uncomfortable. Also, this video has bubbled up two types of reactions from the public.


Emilythebearrr’ Recent TikTok Video Sparks Debate

Emilythebearrr in her recent video, can be seen doing a sexy catwalk in the streets of NYC. She was slaying in a black backless outfit and showing off her outfit of the day.

However, her eye-ball-grabbing outfit invited a lot of glances from the onlookers. They were undoubtedly men. Feeling the stares, Emily feels uncomfortable. Later, she wrote in the caption-


“This is why I wear jackets when I’m alone.”

She indicates the weird stares getting from men on the street.

As of now, the TikTok video has racked up about 13+ million views on the platform and is also going viral.

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Divided Public Opinion On The Emilythebearrr’ Video

Emilythebearrr’ one-line caption calling out the men staring at her cheekily has sparked a debate on TikTok. The platform is divided into two polar opposite views.

One sect criticized the men for staring at her and making her feel uncomfortable. They suggested that those men should have kept their eye sockets to themselves. A woman can wear anything she likes without having to feel awkward about it.

While the other side of opinion was that it was just some curious glances. The passerby were wondering, since she was recording the video in an ‘eye-catching’ outfit.

Some women wrote that even they would have stared at her.


“I mean even though I’m a girl, I’d also look, ’cause it looked like you’re posing and doing a catwalk on the sidewalk.”

Another user wrote that just ‘looking’ should not be criminalized.

“I think it is completely normal that people look at you,” another posed. “Don’t try to criminalize people just because they look at someone whose style is not casual.”

Outfit-Related Videos Become Viral Likely

Every day TikTok influencers churn out their outfit of the day videos that go viral immediately. This Emilythebearrr’ video is the latest in the series but has gone viral for the wrong reasons.


This debate has garnered diverse reactions from feminists as well.

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