Who is Erika Diaz? Nurse Getting Trolled After Viral TikTok Video

Erika Diaz, 22 a nurse has gone viral after revealing that she’s been told the way she wears her hospital uniform is ”inappropriate”. After that, some people on the internet are trolling her for her outfit and also some are standing beside her to support her.


Who is Erika Diaz?

Erika Diaz is a young nurse from the US. Erika Diaz is a TikToker whose TikTok handle is @_erikamdiaz. Diaz is a hardworking woman who works two jobs and as well as does volunteering work. She moreover goes to high school.

But Diaz is able to protect each half beneath administration, as she says in her TikTok video, on account she has an amazing morning routine. She moreover finds time in her busy schedule to go to the gymnasium. Erika provides her nicely-being and well-being a complete lot of thought. She posts a complete lot of films about her time in the gymnasium and the way in which match she is.

Erika Diaz is quite regular in posting videos about her daily life and interests on the platform. She works two jobs and also does volunteering work. And she also goes to school.

Erika Diaz
Erika Diaz (from: TikTok/_erikamdiaz)

What is the trolling around

Her professional attire is precisely what caused all the on-TikTok trolls and discussions. Diaz is sporting her body-hugging scrubs in several of her videos. Trolls have made comments on her attire and figure in these videos.


In the viral video, Diaz is standing in front of the camera wearing scrubs to respond to those who say her outfit is “inappropriate”. The video has views of over 12.7 million. Subsequently, to show that her figure is not proportioned like the women in the pictures the video switches to screenshots of internet scrubs advertisements.

The caption of her video “Some people just have an issue with my body not my scrubs and it shows”.

(Here is the TikTok video link)

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Erika Diaz’s comment

Additionally, she wrote a follow-up comment to the video, saying, “Just for clarification, I am 5’2″ and 107 lbs I’m short and little, y’all can say my body is fake all y’all want it’s not, ask my back problems”. Also, she further added, “I literally work 2 jobs, volunteer and I am still studying I’m devoting my life to the improvement of others and anyone’s opinions are irrelevant”.

Erika, a curvier woman, does not have the same body proportions as the models in the photographs. But, the way she is dressed appears to be in keeping with the brand’s expectations.

(Here is the TikTok video link)

Some of the comments on her viral video

“Just buy bigger size lol,”

“Or you could just buy a slightly bigger size…it’s no big deal (no pun intended),”

“I’m an old school director. I’d never allow that on my floor. I don’t want to see nails perfume or style — keep that at home where it belongs,”

These were some of the comments which trolled her for sporting body-hugging scrubs.

Comments in support of Erika Diaz

“Anyone saying ‘buy a bigger size’ it doesn’t rlly work like that,”
“Sometimes a bigger size will be too big on the arms or too long.”


“She can’t help it that she’s snatched, let a fine woman live,”
”She can’t help how she’s built. Her shape isn’t inappropriate.”

“Everyone has a different body type and clothes can fit differently for everyone so it’s not any one place to judge her wearing normal scrubs.”
“I ain’t remember the last time I cared what a NURSE looks like when they’re helping me,”

These were some of the people who came to Erika’s rescue and told her that she was free to flaunt her body the way she liked it.

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