Who is Faith Louisak, Girlfriend of Sidemen Member Ethan Payne? They are Expecting Their First Baby

Behzinga can be found on YouTube as a member of The Sidemen, one of the most popular YouTube collectives in the UK. He announced the good news via Instagram (April 15), where he has more than 3.6 million followers. A lovable photograph in which he and his visibly pregnant girlfriend Faith Louisak hold a sonogram accompanied his title, “Making A Baby Challenge (GONE RIGHT).”


Who is Faith Louisak?

With a massive following on social media, English TikTok star Lucie has made herself. Her wildly popular Instagram page was filled with comedic sketches, lip-syncs, and fitness videos.

According to Faith’s Instagram profile, she has 366k followers. Her first TikTok post was in April 2020. Over 20 million likes have been there on her TikTok account, and she has 671,000 followers.

Her Instagram page, where she documents her home renovation journey with Ethan Payne, is also separate from her official website. There are 57.3k followers on their joint accounts of both of them.


Faith’s first appearance on her boyfriend’s Instagram page was in June 2021, though the two celebrities never disclosed when they started dating. Since then, she has been seen several times on his Instagram page. At least a year has passed since the couple began dating. How they met remains a mystery.

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Ethan Payne and Faith Louisak

The exact date when Ethan and Faith Louisak began dating is unknown, but his first Instagram post was 44 weeks ago, in June 2021. It has only been once since Faith was on Ethan’s YouTube channel.

Fans of the YouTube star went crazy as the guy introduced his girlfriend in his video titled, “Surprising My Girlfriend With Euro 2020 Final Tickets.”.

The clip shows the pair sitting on the sofa together while Behzinga reveals he has purchased tickets for England vs. Italy Euro 2022 final. After playing clips of them at that iconic match, the video showed clips of Italy losing 3-2 on penalties against England in the second half.

Faith Louisak
Image: Faith Louisak Instagram

Ethan Payne

London’s Upton Park is where Ethan Payne was born. Ruth Payne was left to raise him alone after his parent’s divorce when he was young. According to his documentary, How to Be Behzinga, his father left his mother as soon as he knew that she was pregnant with Ethan.

After attending South Essex College to study game development, Payne graduated. He published his first video on YouTube in May 2012. The pseudonym “Behzinga” inspires by The Big Bang Theory, his favorite television show.

The content collective The Sidemen was by the YouTuber. The first original member of the Sidemen to form the group in 2012 was him.

In addition to posting fitness and lifestyle videos on his YouTube channel, Ethan has amassed 4.78 subscribers. Moreover, he also has a dedicated channel that exclusively features gaming content. Several members of the Sidemen often join him.

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