Who is George Farmer and who is his character Ajax in Nevermore as the star goes from Nevermore to Evermore

Actor George Farmer has recently made his move from Evermore to Nevermore and people thus want to know his newer character in the buzzing series Wednesday. Let us explore this article so to get some more details.


Who is George Farmer?

Young actor George Farmer is well-known for his work in the television series Wednesday, Evermore, and Tradestone.

Everyone is familiar with George Farmer for playing several different roles, such as Ajax Petropolis in the Wednesday series, Gabe Becker in the TV show Treadstone, and Jake Crossley in the popular Disney series Evermore.

Being a British star, the actor is even famous and has also played “the kid in the Bootsuit Commercial” in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One in 2018.

George Farmer
George Farmer (Credit: Netflix)

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Who is Ajax in Netflix’s Wednesday?

Ajax is recently go ing super strong in the hearts of fans from the series Wednesday. Ajax Petropolis is a student at Nevermore Academy in the series Wednesday.


He is a gorgon, but contrary to his name, he is bashful and uncomfortable. He often wears a hat to conceal his gorgon snakes, though sometimes it comes off as well.

Ajax also ends up turning himself a stone after getting a peek at himself in the mirror.

The ‘Gorgon’ term directly refers to three sisters who are described as having hair made up of living, venomous snakes and horrifying faces that turn those who stare at them into stones because Ajax in the series is a gorgon, a creature from Greek mythology.

However, since the character Ajax is going very popular among fans, Wednesday fans are still having some sort of conflicting opinions over Ajex’s character, some fans are finding Ajex’s relationship with Enid very boring stating that “they too have no chemistry” and think that the couple would be better as “Just Friends”

George Farmer from Evermore to Nevermore

George Farmer, a famously popular young actor goes from Evermore to Nevermore, the actor who used to play the role of Jake Crossley in the series has now turned his chairs and go on to play another popular Netflix series role Ajax.


Wednesday is American supernatural horror-comedy series that premiered on Netflix on 16th November 2022, the series has received critical reviews and at the same time a good amount of praise for the story, direction and everything.

Therefore the actor George Farmer who plays the role of Ajax in the series has recently steadied his development from Evermore to Nevermore, but the only difference is that Evermore is a Disney-based series whereas Wednesday where the Nevermore Academy exist, a Netflix based, although the popularity of both is hugely insane.


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