Who is Harley Shirley? How Lizard Lick Towing Star Ron Shirley’s Son Died?

The murdered son of a reality television celebrity shared a heart-wrenching video explaining a woman who seems to be his mother as his ‘rock’ before he was shot. On Thursday, Harley Shirley was very badly shot at a North Carolina gas station. After attending a Memorial Balloon launch he was killed. Let’s know more about Harley Shirley. Who is Harley? How did he die? What was the reason?


Who is Harley Shirley?

Harley Shirley, also known as Alex Shirley. He was born on 21 January 2001. He is the popular son of Ron Shirley. Ron is a big reality television celebrity. Ron Shirley and his family appeared in a reality television show from 2011 to 2014. The show was totally about their family business i.e, Lizard Lick Towing. Harley had 1.8k followers on Instagram.

On 17th February Harley was found dead at North Carolina Gas station. His father, Ron Shirley confirmed his news of the death in a Facebook post. Each and everyone expressed sympathy in the comment section of the post.

How did Harley Shirley die?

Ron Shirley alleged that in shooting his son died which left a woman seriously injured. The Johnston Country Sheriff’s Office told on Thursday night during memorial balloon launch, one person died when somebody opened fire.

According to the ‘Sun,’ he has died at the age of 21. He was badly shot at a gas station in North Carolina. The shooting occurred at a balloon launch in privileged of Xavier Smith. Formerly this week Xavier Smith died in a crash.

According to Wral News, the family told shooting occurred in the front garden. And then many men jumped into a car and run-off. After that, a second call was made to Cops about gunfire sufferers, which was detected to be related.

Harley Shirley was declared dead at the scene on Cornwallis Road and N.C. Highway 42. Harley’s uncle Jason Shirley is providing a $25,000 reward for news regarding Harley’s death.

Harley Shirley

Ron Shirley fans expressed sympathy on his Facebook post

When people heard the news about Harley’s death. Many loved ones and admirers showed respect and sympathy for Harley’s family.

One person wrote, “I’ve watched y’all since y’all’s first episode, and this hit at home. Almost like I’ve known y’all all my life. Sorry for your loss brother!”

Another upset fan wrote, “I’m so sorry for your loss Ron, to you and your family. He’s watching you from above, he’s in a better world now“


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