Who is Isabell McGuire? A Gorgeous TikTok Electrician Getting Too Much Marriage Proposals

The Gorgeous Electrician Isabell McGuire was bombarded with thousands of marriage proposals after she posted a video dancing to Akon’s Smack That.

Isabell McGuire has gone wildly viral on TikTok for slaying in her worn-out work trousers on the work-site.

The video went viral in no time and has amassed over 9.8 million views. Looks like a new TikTok star is in the making!


Who Is Isabell McGuire?

Isabell McGuire is an electrician but she is not in the news for her technical skills. Apart from handling power tools, she can rock even dusty work trousers and a dirty hoodie just like that.

In a video probably filmed at a busy worksite, she takes time to groove to the tunes of Akon’s Smack That. Her moves sparked the Internet making her a ‘hot electrician.’

Also, in the comments, she clarifies that it’s just a usual day for her with no make-up on and hardly styled hair.


“No makeup on and the hair is a week old from the hairdressers.”

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The Hot Electrician Slayed In Work Trousers

TikToker Isabell McGuire boasts around 120k+ followers with just a few videos. The most noticeable thing in the viral TikTok was her work attire.

Isabell McGuire was donned up in a black full-sleeved crop top paired with work trousers that were dirty from all the work. She had her boots on as well.

To glam up things, she wore a gold necklace. McGuire made boring work trousers appear all stylish.

Moreover, her dance moves on Akon’s song was a cherry on top. Many started swooning over this gorgeous lady and even sent her marriage proposals.

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Audience’s Reaction Isabell McGuire’ Moves

This video has brought a barrage of admirers her way as people are trying to flirt with her asking for marriage.

Every reaction was nothing but hilarious. One user wrote-

“Suddenly my house needs a rewire.”

Another hilarious comment was similar one trying to book Isabell McGuire as their repairer.

“I think my plug socket needs changing or something.”

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Viewer also complimented her for the looks-

“The work trousers. Girl make them look so good.”

The other interesting reaction was that this Sparky Electrician was collecting girls and boys both. Some women joked that they might be gay for her.

Also, this seems like the beginning of yet another TikToker star. The amount of following and reaction, that she has generated will go a long way. Netizens will not forget her that easily.


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